Armony Dailly


Armony Dailly is a 23 years old French self-taught photographer.

"My work focuses on the contemporary ideologies of feminity, the intimacy of women's groups, the female body and redefining feminity. I'm also obsessed with the pursuit of honesty and spontaneity. Since I was a kid, I loved the very personal photos of everyday people and tried to feel the emotions of the moment. I grew up with a fascination for photography, I spent countless hours as a teenager looking at the photos my mother had taken of her own teenage years and my childhood pictures. I wanted to take my own photos, immortalized my memories and explore some subjects with my camera, so I started very spontaneously with my film camera to shoot the people I feel most comfortable, my girlfriends, and sometimes myself. Through my lens, I want to catch the truth and the feelings of the people. I photograph my girlfriends in the same way we could photograph a couple or a lover to show that feminine friendship is as beautiful and intense that a love relationship."

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