Britt Terrell

My work portrays themes of place, memory, identity, and technique through the use of printmaking. I am interested in how we capture memories and experiences through forms of art, rendering them in different ways to join fiction with reality. Reminiscence and desire appear in my images focusing on West Coast scenery, combined with abstract portraiture to reflect self identity. My prints range from etchings to woodcuts, with materials such as plexiglass and sintra board thrown into the mix. The intimate and lengthy process of printmaking allows me to spend months working on a plate- followed by an immediate result, which means process and technique can then become context. 

Britt is a senior at the University of Montevallo, getting her Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in printmaking. She has lived in New York, California, and seven states in-between. 

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Instagram: @britttheshitt


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