Célia Schouteden

Célia Schouteden is a twenty-four-year-old photographer based in Belgium. She’s currently studying at her hometown university, in Liège, to become a psychologist. She started her artistic journey in August 2016 and has explored her deepest emotions of anxiety and her mood disorder through analog photography. She would love to inspire other mental illnesses survivors so, hopefully, they feel less alone in their conditions. 

Through my art, I try to explore the intimate relationship between the outside world and my deepest feelings resulting from all the anxiety and the mood swings that my condition brings me often. I choose to express myself through film photography because I find the chemical process very unpredictable and poetic which reminds me of the everyday life. For good or for bad, our existence is filled with surprises and disappointments and I feel the urge to talk about it to be less alone. I have experimented with my film camera to create a dreamy photographic world where I feel free to be myself and to be honest.

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