Maayan Haim

My works are colorful and vibrant. I’ve borrowed this style from pop culture and commercial works. Instead of going the way of using art for advertisement and profit I’m doing it the other way around.

I’m using tools and styles developed for the commercial aspects of visual arts and am using them to capture my audience and convey stories and ideas that can be complex, difficult to approach, may cause unease and sometime even antagonizing.


On first glance, Womb is seemingly a take on ‘through the looking glass’ scene where Alice is too big for the house she's in. The viewer is pulled close by this wonderfully cute pink house made out of marshmallows with a curious miniature living-room nobody can possibly fit on as it’s so small. But once the viewer steps forward and is curious about the work, it turns out this miniature house made of sugar and joy is a representation of a womb. Peeping through the window are people who have no business looking inside, yet they still try and take a peek - asking why are there no children residing? When will there be kids? These questions and this criticism on society is not always easy to approach and not all people will join this discussion willingly, this way I am almost forcing them to join kind of like people asking these questions are forcing me.



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