Maris Berkowitz


My interest in travel, the natural environment and human nature is prevalent throughout my work as a photographer. Travel is one of my biggest inspirations because of how the introduction of new forms stimulates the eye. Recently, I traveled to India and was able to capture images of the local cultural activities and daily life. My travel images intend to serve as a beacon of hope for cultural identity and the idea that the world is not yet overly homogenized by America's cultural standards. The subtle differences I witness when traveling are beautifully unique and therefore deserve to be documented.

The natural environment is something that interests me because it is always changing. Things are growing and decaying however through the use of photography I can slow down the natural cycle of life and thus defy the impact of time. My photographs serve as an ever present remembrance of how strong and well developed nature truly is. I enjoy how many of my photographs that portray people are able to capture their essence in addition to their physical embodiment. 

Photography allows me to document a moment in time and see things differently. Most of my photos are taken on a Nikon F3 that my father used for many years and eventually passed on to me. He taught me how to use the camera when I was in high school and I have used it ever since. I love how the photos that I take with that camera are able to have a light and romantic quality to them. Overall, my photography is meant to document a moment and evoke a feeling in the viewer. 

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