Wendy Sama

About Wendy: Before finding out that I had a huge interest in visual art, I started out as a philosophy student. But, I left university for a private school to learn visual communication. But at the end, I was not satisfied with my experience in this field. I found myself learning photography and illustration by myself and found a way to express myself and create my universe without boundaries. At a certain point I chose to stick to photography, while still being passionate by illustration. My agency Ombre is specialized in fashion, with the mission to redefine luxury and work with designers that are able to combining art and quality rather than quantity. 

I am trying to catch and materialize, elements from the subconscious with Woman as the main subject and support - certainly because I am one myself, but also to create a kind of female Dante. Create a place were a woman is not reduced to a fashionable or sexual object or limited to the role of the mother. But as a creative, mysterious, and lost in the passions of introspection real human. 

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Instagram: @dolly.wendy & @moira.darling

Website: samawendy.com

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