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Are You There Molly Ringwald? Or Looking For Life Answers In Film Fiction

“The rejection from my first crush was earth shattering! In the aftermath, I turned to my trusted 80’s movies for comfort but found it harder to relate to them for the first time. I looked for answers in Molly Ringwald films because they typically featured characters who were ordinary and struggled with normal teenage insecurities, but somehow, they always landed the guy at the end of the movie…”

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It's Called Your First Love for a Reason: On Letting Go of Someone You Never Really Had

“‘This is a bad idea...,’ he mumbled between kisses. ‘Why?’ I asked but I knew exactly why. His gaze settled on mine, lingering longer than it ever had before as he said, ‘I’m already scared of how deep this could get. Besides the fact that we work together, I’m too old for you and your parents are going to hate me.’ They absolutely did…”

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No More Cool Girl BS For Me

“As a woman, in my first serious, and only relationship up to that point, I had an unfailing drive to just ‘make it work.’ That meant ignoring red flags and warning signs and forging on with determination to hunker down and be the best girlfriend in the world. (Whatever that meant.) Surely he would appreciate me then, once I was perfect…”

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