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Evulving: How I Learned to Love My Vagina

“‘It has, like, a triangle thing poking out of it...’ I confided to my mum’s best friend, whom I was also very close to. Confused, she suggested I show her and immediately threw her head back and started laughing. ‘That’s your clit, you pleb!’ I left the situation both relieved that she seemed to know what it was but embarrassed that I didn’t…”

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Here’s to the Fools Who Dream: Why I No Longer Hate the Ending of La La Land

“As a feminist, I always felt embarrassed that relationships and the pressure to be attractive held such weight for me. Surely a strong woman would be too busy being independent to care about all that? Surely, I should be focusing on my education and my career?”

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A Refocusing of My Energy: How an Instagram Challenge, a Grandmother With Dementia, and The Loss of a Friend Helped Me Refocus

"‘Last summer was still a phase of frustration riddled with questions like, ‘where’s my car?’, statements like, ‘THEY took my house’, and just not wanting help at times despite desperately needing it. This summer there are fewer questions fueled by anger and more confusion, but…”

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