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Oriental Blossom: Dating as a Japanese Woman In The Whitest City In America

“As I reflect on how I defined love three years ago to my healthy view today, I am still coming to terms with these two conflicting cultures. I consciously search for these cultural crossroads between American and Japanese culture. Admittedly, like any relationship you cannot help whom you are attracted to and who you fall in love with…”

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Coming Out as Myself: Thoughts on Being a Mentally Ill, Queer Asian Woman

“My identity disturbance comes from a lot of places, but it begins with the gaps in my memory, especially from before I was 12. I can describe my childhood as three things: patchy, hazy, and traumatic. I can remember very little of what I was like as a child, what my life was like, and the abuse I suffered, but even these recollections are incomplete…”

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