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First Love: A Misunderstanding

“This boy was older and could undoubtedly sense that I was after love, romance, the real deal. Naturally, he shamelessly used this to his advantage. As a seventeen-year-old girl who had been brought up with happily married parents and watched and read as many romantic films and books as I had, I was blind to this boy’s hidden agenda and ignorant of the precariousness of the situation…”

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It's Called Your First Love for a Reason: On Letting Go of Someone You Never Really Had

“‘This is a bad idea...,’ he mumbled between kisses. ‘Why?’ I asked but I knew exactly why. His gaze settled on mine, lingering longer than it ever had before as he said, ‘I’m already scared of how deep this could get. Besides the fact that we work together, I’m too old for you and your parents are going to hate me.’ They absolutely did…”

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Oriental Blossom: Dating as a Japanese Woman In The Whitest City In America

“As I reflect on how I defined love three years ago to my healthy view today, I am still coming to terms with these two conflicting cultures. I consciously search for these cultural crossroads between American and Japanese culture. Admittedly, like any relationship you cannot help whom you are attracted to and who you fall in love with…”

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