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Sexual Assault: The Ugly Truth You Didn’t Want to Hear

“It is nothing like what we see on TV. It isn’t a random stranger attacking you in a park at night and it doesn’t end with justice. The victim doesn’t go back to her normal life since her attacker is locked up. No. This is real life and most likely, your attacker will go free. Sexual assault is ugly. It is brutal. It’s not a stranger; it is your neighbor, your boss, your friend or acquaintance…”

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What Do I Call It If I Don't Know If It's Abuse?

“Losing your virginity on cold cement is just as bad as it sounds. When he came (maybe 5 minutes later), he asked me if I came too. I looked at the ghostly-white slimy puddle of cum on the cement next to me and his soft dick and said, “Yeah, I did” even though I didn’t, and wasn’t even sure what that would have been like…”

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