Keep Your White Feminism To Yourself

     I am sick and tired of white feminism. I have come to the point in my adolescent life that I can no longer ignore the tone deafness that comes with this “diet feminism” as I like to call it, and I am immediately annoyed when people praise celebrities like Lena Dunham or Taylor Swift for being “feminist icons”. To put it simply, you aren’t a real feminist if your activism doesn’t include EVERYBODY. It is easy to become a white feminist, and admittedly, I believe that all intersectional feminists (myself included) go through a period of white feminism when they are first becoming activists. That is inevitable. It is a part of the journey of becoming and staying “woke”. Being “woke” isn’t a linear progression, but a cycle in which you become even more socially aware than you were before.

     The trick to being woke is realizing that you can never become fully socially aware, there are always new things that can be learned. But I have a real issue when people who have been corrected in the past and have been called out for their tone deafness refuse to learn. Feminism isn’t supposed to be comfortable. It is about challenging the white heteronormative patriarchal system in which we live and becoming a social pariah in a way. If you choose to ignore the issues that come with belonging to more than one oppressed group, you can miss me with that diet feminism. The biggest difference between white feminism and intersectional feminism is that one actually is a platform for change and the other is another form of the status quo.

     A white feminist would like to have you believe that they are standing up for women’s rights and fighting against privileged men. This, however, is a fallacy proven time and time again by history: whether it be Susan B. Anthony saying that she’d rather have her arm cut off than for black men to get the right to vote before white women (it’s true ’all, look it up!). White feminists have proven that their platform is not for women of color, LGBTQ+ people, disabled people, and other marginalized groups. It truly makes me sick to my stomach that 9/10 the activism presented to us by mainstream media is white feminism.  As soon as they get what they protested for they are nowhere to be found when other groups need assistance.

     Now, this isn’t to say that all white feminists are white or that all white girls who label themselves are feminist prescribe to this toxic form of pseudo-activism. But white feminism only benefits one group of people- and that’s white women. So I can no longer ignore the white feminists who choose to ignore women of color or victims of abuse because it doesn’t fit their narrative and makes them uncomfortable. I will be forced to correct those who choose to ignore the marginalized, we saw enough of that in the election and I will be damned if people don’t understand the plight of the oppressed and I can help it. Lena, Taylor, Miley, Selena, Meryl, and any other white feminist who wants to parade around as if their activism is actually helping someone but themselves: you and your diet feminism can take a nice, long hike off of a cliff.

by: Danielle Jenkins 

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