Anousha Hutton: On Spirituality, Childhood Magic, and Spirit Guidance

Anousha Hutton is a Tarot reader, Medium, Clairvoyant/Clairaudient. She currently does readings from photographs which her clients send to her. Anousha's processing enables her to help clients all over the world. She also writes her Energyscope forecasts weekly and monthly - these are horoscopes centered from channeled communication with spirit, they are messages for all signs to help prepare them and work with the energy forecasted ahead.

What does spirituality mean to you? 

Spirituality is a way of life, it is trusting in the divine source, that is infinitely within yourself and the universe. 

Spirituality is a process of duality, a knowing and keenness to be a student of darkness and light and the ever-shifting movement between the two polarities. A spiritualist understands that working through life in tandem with the universe is key; it is trusting that people who come in are teachers aiding you to address karmic issues and lessons to help you with your soul evolution. Spirituality is knowing that everyone around you and the reality you create is an extension of your own energy. Spirituality is a commitment you make to acknowledging and holding accountability for your own energy with the highest truth and working with the ebbs and flows of this life whilst questioning and learning in your ever-growing expansion of your path and spirit.

When did you start doing what you’re doing? 

I started practicing magic as a child, I would make flower remedies in my garden as a little girl and use the flower potions to make spells. I am just about to launch my magically charged product line soon, it's funny how these activities we enjoyed as children can play such a big part in our journey! My earliest memory of understanding I was connected with spirit was when I was five years old, I remember patting my body down and consciously knowing my soul was trapped in my body. I knew I had been other places and I was just a soul trapped in the body. I was having these sorts of realizations very early on in life, even going as far as writing my own bible to live by. I recall lots of conversations with Spirit as a child, I even remember as a child describing to my mother what it was like in the womb and what food she ate during pregnancy. I started reading professionally two years ago. I started reading and studying Tarot when I was about nine years old. My mother taught me and then I adopted my own style. At school I used to build forts where girls could come and talk to me during lunch break about their problems and I would advise them on what to do, it's funny how a lot of your fate and destiny is revealed in childhood. Everything makes a lot of sense in hindsight, looking back.

Was it easy for you to develop this practice? 

It was not easy awakening my mediumship skills, I was always seeing spirits since childhood - but after a car accident I was in a few years ago, my gifts became much more consistent and much stronger. After the accident, I was seeing and hearing spirits everywhere and would meet someone or be standing next to someone and instantly see their past, present, future, and any relatives who had passed, messages would come in fast. Things went to a whole other level when I started going into trance and could do all of those things by just looking at a picture of someone. Thankfully my business was fairly low stress to develop, I did one reading as a request and then things moved fast! I am in love with what I do so it really has felt like a joy to develop and expand my practice. I'm a big believer when you are doing what you are meant to be doing and spiritually ready for expansion in this life, doors start to open naturally with ease.

What were the biggest challenges? 

My challenges have been maintaining a healthy, balanced social and recreational life whilst being a full-time medium. It's definitely an art learning how to switch the gifts off and just be a normal person. I always ensure I'm taking as much self-care time as possible, spacing my sessions out and taking good care of my health. I had to transform my lifestyle when doing the work I do, sufficient rest and good health is a must otherwise it can be energy depleting and I am of good service to others when my spiritual and physical health is intact, so I keep that a priority, always.

What are some misunderstandings people have about your work? 

A lot of people don't grasp how energy-depleting this work can be. Also, I have heard the comment in passing, "If they were a real psychic, they wouldn't charge". There's never a time that comment doesn't sting for any Medium, but I learned to adopt the principle of forgiveness to skeptics or people who don't value what they can't see or aren't ready to experience. In fact, quite often those are the people that need lightworkers the most. 

Where did you learn your craft? 

I was born with the ability to see and hear spirits but I certainly learned a lot about Tarot, the power of Magic and all things mystical through my mother. As a Tarot reader and an artist, Alejandro Jodorowsky is a hero, I learned a lot about how to manage my gifts and the power of my own potential from a local Los Angeles seer, Eaglewolf, Nigel Crook, he is a teacher of mine also.  

Do you see your work represented in the media? 

I have noticed a surge of popularity in all things spiritually related, I remember being at school and being bullied and misunderstood for taking interest in witchcraft and all things mystical, now if anything it is considered popular culture. I think there's a positive and a negative to this stuff, whilst I am delighted to see the stigma fading and more people gaining access to spiritual tools, I can't stress enough how important it is for people to know how to use the tools properly, I don't like the idea of a throwaway culture to spirituality, it's hard to address the expansion of spirituality as a positive or negative thing, there are arguments to both, I love the idea of the expansion providing a deeper sense of community and belonging for awakening people.

Can you please talk about spirit and the philosophy behind your work? 

The first thing I know when I am in conversation with Spirit is that a chill runs down my entire body from head to toe whilst I make connection, I call spirit into my vessel for my readings, so usually I do not remember a thing that I have told my clients after the trance has worn off. The philosophy behind my work is to enable people to find their power, self-love, and light along their path, my goal is to provide people with the tools and medicine that they need to live their highest path and embody their own magic.

What do you hope to do with your work? 

I hope to inspire as many people as possible to deeply love themselves and find their own powers within, I aim to make magical tools accessible to all who wish to live by and honor the craft and help motivate people to incorporate magic and conversations with spirit into their daily life.  

I also write my Energyscope forecasts weekly and monthly, these are horoscopes centered from channeled communication I am in with spirit, they are messages for all signs to help prepare them and work with the energy forecasted ahead. 

Stay tuned for more of Anousha, our new Spirituality resident.