Full Moon: Making It's Energy Work For You

I bet you've heard, or felt, that the full moon makes people crazy. Forget werewolves, a full moon may trigger sleep disturbances, fertility, bleeding, and even reduce the odds of death during heart surgery. Creepy, right? 

The full moon signifies a turning point, closure, and manifestation. Therefore, the full moon is the best time to "harvest" everything you've learned during this lunar cycle and spend some time reflecting on what you'd like in the new one. Starting new projects and plans is best done during the new moon. 

The Cycles of the Moon: 

  • New Moon: The start of a new cycle. Energy of beginnings and new possibilities. This si the best time to set new intentions for this moon cycle. What would you like to start? What would you like to change?

  • Waxing Moon: Development of your intentions.

  • Full Moon: The most intense source of power which amplifies creativity, femininity, and manifestation energy. Let go of what no longer serves you.

  • Waning Moon: A time for reflection and withdrawal. Low energy.

  • Dark Moon: (When the moon is invisible against the backdrop of the Sun in the sky). This is a time to go within and enjoy solitude. This is a powerful time to tap into your psychic energy and a time of great revelations from your subconscious. A pause to prepare for the beginning of a new cycle.

Well, let's talk about how to make this, and all the upcoming full moons work for you. 

The Full Moon is the prime time for energy. It can throw your emotions completely out of whack, but you can also harness the energy and channel it into manifesting and visualizing, as everything you put out during the full moon will be (beautifully or scarily) amplified. So, if you're happy you're going to be incredibly happy, if you're angry, you're going to grow body hair, start walking on all fours and kill humans (I kid, I kid). But really. It will at least feel like that. 

Here are some ways to make the full moon work for you: 

1. Think Positive Thoughts

This is a great time to take a few minutes from your busy and wonderful life and channel your energy into alignment with the Source energy. Think about something that makes you so happy that you want to cry. Is it a basket of puppies? Is it your loved one giving you a basket of puppies? Is it a basket of puppies on a beach? You get the point. P.S. It doesn't have to be a basket of puppies, but it helps if you really can't find anything else to get you there. 

2. Write Down Everything You're Grateful For

Take a piece of paper or a notebook and start writing what you're grateful for. For maximum effect, write "I am so grateful that..." and feel the gratitude in your body. 

3. Visualize What You Want To Manifest in Your Life

Full moon time is the prime time for visualizing to manifest. Look at what you're grateful for you get in the alignment with the Source energy and spend a couple of minutes directing a movie in your head of what you'd like to happen. 

4. Meditate

We recommend Headspace for beginners because a lot of time people say "I meditated today!" and when asked what method they use, they basically describe a nap. That's cool, but not...really meditating. 

5. Let Go

Write down the things you're releasing from your life in the new moon cycle. That bitchy friend who is never happy for you and always complains? Bye. The ex that crawled his way out of the sewer and keeps asking you to hang out? BYE. Your own negative bullshit? BYE BYE. 

6. Let Yourself Feel Where You Should Reflect

Try to feel where it feels best to sit down and reflect, visualize, and manifest. It can be your guest bedroom, a park, or even a McDonalds parking lot. The right physical space often helps to get in the right mind space. 

7. Take It Up a Notch

Want to get more out of the Full Moon experience? Grab the following: 

  • A trusted friend or partner - someone in the same place energetically, spiritually, and mentally. You don't want someone messing up your vibe with laughter or snarky comments when you're trying to concentrate on being the best goddess you can be.

  • Pens and paper to write your intentions and what you're letting go of in the new moon cycle.

  • Matches or a lighter + candles to burn the papers which say what you're getting rid of.

  • Crystals which feel good to you at the time and/or which represent what you'd like to accomplish in the new moon cycle (for example, if you want to attract more love, grab more rose quartz, if you want to attract more money, grab more jade or citrine, etc).

  • Sage or Palo Santo to clear the energy before and after your ritual.

  • Candles for the atmosphere.

  • Filtered water or water from a fresh spring. Fire and water are great at this time of the month for renewal and purification.

  • A tarot deck if you will be using it during your ritual.

Write down what you want to start in the new moon cycle. Write down what you want to see manifest by the end of the upcoming moon cycle. Write down what you want to see manifest by the end of the moon cycle after that (approximately one month from now). Say, "And so it is". 

Take this and fold it six times. Put it under your pillow. At the end of the period (approximately one month) take it out, reflect on whether it manifested in any way, and burn it. When reflecting, open your mind and try to see if it happened. If it did, yes! Keep doing that! If it didn't think - did the universe gave you any signs about it? Were you specific? Were you unsure about it or about yourself? Etc. 

Before and after your ritual, burn sage or Palo Santo to cleanse your energy and the energy around you. 

If you are using tarot to meditate and look within, make sure you come into the reading with a clear mind. Do not look for the answers you want to hear. Read more about tarot here. 

Happy manifesting, Gems.