Healing The Feminine

I picked quite the week to reinvestigate healing and boosting my feminine energy. Just at the beginning of the week, we were confronted with the news on the Weinstein scandal, which brought forth a host of triggers for so many. At the same time, wildfires and hurricanes are continuously demonstrating that Mother Earth is unhappy. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

In my thirty years of life, I have never been so consciously aware of how hurt the feminine is. When I started to work with healing my feminine energy and guiding other women (and men) to healing their feminine energy, I was fully confronted with the power and magic of being a woman. Through shadow work and inner child connection, I started my journey into boosting my feminine energy.

I remember the day a Shaman informed me that Male energy was based in the act of giving and Female energy was based in the act of receiving. I was blown away by this information, my whole life as an empath, I have been so grounded in my identity as a giver, watching and hearing from a young age, woman after woman in my life sharing stories about them being aware of overextending themselves - overgiving being a source of resentment for most women.

The concept that feminine energy should also be about receiving was wildly exciting to me, what would the possibilities be to receive more? How could I tap into that whilst still remaining a giving person?  My goal was to investigate in what ways I could receive more in my life, and, in what ways could I heal the relationship with myself internally, with others and the universe.

I made it my personal goal to work on healing my feminine energy this week using magic and my own spiritual processing, I knew what I was getting myself in for. Deep shadow work occurred. I have been down this road many times, most recently, when I was living in a Theosophical temple alone after a breakup last year. This temple was a place for me to reinvestigate magic more closely than ever, and rebuild, it’s where I experienced a huge expansion professionally and spiritually. The temple itself was a space for mystical women to gather and create art together in the 1920’s, the women would conversate about spirituality and put on plays for each other. 

During my stay there, I was abundantly clear of the female spirits that lingered, (being a Medium, I can see and hear them most places). The women would visit me frequently in the night often surrounding my bed. I remember feeling very at peace when they visited. During one session with these women they took me back to all the memories of when my feminine was damaged or hurt, it was like they were bringing them to the surface, enabling me to release the blockages and let light in. One of the spirits would place her hand on my womb and put light into it. Always, after an interaction with the female spirits, I would make a point of taking long salt baths, continuing on from the cleansing they had facilitated. Praying. Chanting. Watering plants. Journaling.

It is imperative, no matter what gender you identify as, to be doing male and female energy work to ensure you are in dual harmony within your own energy field. Sometimes, when one is too engaged in one side it can create havoc causing abundance or communication blocks, even health issues.

Male energy to me is all about focus, clarity, ambition, structure, and drive. Female energy is about receiving, joy, creativity/creation, sunlight, love/heart connection. 

If more men did healing on their feminine energy imagine how different the world would be.

An essential part of male awakening is by practicing female energy work as well as the male - the power of duality in enlightenment cannot be ignored. 

We all must learn, we all must grow.

The world has been in a state of too much male energy for centuries. We are destroying the planet at an alarming rate. As our consciousness expands (spirit is awakening many people in order to get the consciousness to shift so we may survive as a species) we are becoming more aware that It is time for all people to take a stand for truth and universal love.  It is up to us as enlightened women to show the light.

Can we inspire men to do this work also? Forgiveness and action are key. How much can we do as a society if we come together as all awakened beings?

Here are some top tips when healing the feminine:

  • Affirmation: “THERE IS ENOUGH SPACE FOR ALL OF US”. Whenever you start to feel competitive with another woman or have a fear of “losing out” to another woman, the patriarchy wins. The whole objective of the patriarchy is to diminish our feminine powers and energy and cause divide and conquer over us. Repeat the following affirmation above whenever you start to feel like there is no abundance in the universe.

  • Radical self-care. I’m not just talking about a mani/pedi and a mimosa (which let’s face it, helps) I’m talking about putting YOU first for the day. Keeping in mind when you are overextending yourself, pulling back to receive more. Where can you create more time for you?

  • Healing the feminine remains still within the concept of the power of duality, you still have to heal the male also within yourself and others. In essence, your feminine will heal as you understand that there ARE awakened men out there who STILL need to do healing the feminine work. This isn’t about gender, this is about energy, spirituality encourages us to heal deeply both sides of our being.

  • Womb clearing exercise I often give to my clients, this really helps release any trauma in the womb. Draw yourself a salt bath, use rose quartz on your womb, place it there. Hand on heart and legs up to your chest. Imagine a clearing from your womb as the salt cleanses your entire body and the rose quartz radiates love into your womb. This is a space for you to declare self-love while you gently move and cleanse any negative or unwanted energies from your space. Watch the release and feel things shift.

  • A couple of crystals that are really excellent to work with are rose quartz and kunzite. These two work powerfully. If you are connecting with any guides you wish to help you heal you may use spirit quartz or angel quartz crystal to further facilitate communication.

  • When offered a compliment, choose to take a pause and feel the compliment sinking into your vessel. Respond thank you. Accept the love. I notice a lot of women saying something like “Awww, thanks, I wish I was as beautiful as you though”. No comparing, no deflecting away from your brilliance, it’s your moment to shine and enjoy it. Receiving feels good and boosts female energy. It is within our DNA to receive.

  • Creativity boosts female energy.

  • Make an effort to ask for a hand at least once a day, you can’t do everything for everyone. There is great power in your words, make sure they are with kindness for yourself. Prioritizing your own needs. Congratulate yourself at least once a day for the brilliance of being you.

  • Speak your needs and truth clearly, intently. Tou have permission to have what you need, you also have permission to ask for what you want. The world is your oyster and you are always in the driver's seat. Remember, goddesses are always on thrones.

  • Study a cat: I tell so many of my clients, you need to be around cats to truly learn the art of receiving. Mimic how a cat behaves to be in tune with your feminine powers. Cats do not apologize for their needs, they also ensure they always have what they need by asking for it, if they don’t receive it, they will go somewhere else. Watch your cat and learn.

Step by step, may we all rise and our inner goddesses light the way. 

Much light to all the magicians, 


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