How to Protect Yourself During Mercury Retrograde

Now that you have a working knowledge of what Mercury Retrograde is all about, it’s time to take it a step further. Mercury Retrograde gets a bad reputation for the most part, but any planets going retrograde aren’t the cause of your problems. Instead, they bring problems to the surface. If you actually do your work, retrogrades can be peaceful. When you learn how to roll with them they become essential to your trajectory. General communication, travel plans, relationships and technology may be a little more finicky than usual, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Here are a few ways you can be more cautious and protect your vulnerable self during this time.


Be Open

As the universe shifts, it's an opportunity to receive new information. You might learn something about a friend or partner that you may not have been open to hearing during the time Mercury was direct. Take it all in, but wait to act on it.

Back Up Important Information

Tech is the first to go during a retrograde. Mercury is the planet of communication, travel, and technology, so your phone or laptop are in a sensitive spot! If your cell phone or laptop breaks there isn’t much you can control about this. Backing up all your messages, photos, and files will save you some stress when rebooting your tech!



Now more than ever is this a great time to reflect upon yourself. Look back on your past, learn from your mistakes and try to do better than before. Write down what you’ve learned and make goals that you will benefit from. Think of Mercury Retrograde as a second New Years: an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Acknowledge, learn, reflect, move on and grow.


Use your favorite bath bombs, slather on that fancy moisturizer, and paste on that super nice face mask you paid a lot of money for. Invest and indulge in yourself, you’ll feel better about all the chaos around you. Replenishing your spirit will allow you be kinder to yourself and others who are going through this whirlwind of a time.


Stay in your comfort zone

This is definitely not the time to try something new. Don’t make big decisions of any kind or hang around people you aren't comfortable with. Surround yourself with those you know and trust. Stick to your usual daily routine so your day to day plans can run more smoothly. By switching things up, you’re more prone to mistakes and accidents!

Stay safe out there, witches.



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By: Jenna Mohammed