Monthly Energyscope for December

Applicable for Sun Sign, Moon Sign, or Rising Sign


An eight-year cycle breaks in the month of December. You learned so much along this journey in 2017 and on your birthdate a whole new life cycle begins. You may feel sore after the marathon you ran (during the last six months especially), but all Capricorns will definitely be feeling stronger and tougher unlike ever before with a newfound understanding in the course of life.

Spirit is asking you now to honor your intuition this month. There may have been something you have been feeling/thinking about a person/situation that you simply haven’t been voicing out of convenience. The truth of the matter is that now is the time to speak your mind with more clarity. If there is something you are feeling, say it!

Trusting your first impressions is the key lesson to 2017 that has reminded you that you are in many ways a natural clairvoyant.

You can’t ignore the truths behind the insights you are getting about important key figures in your life and you can’t ignore the messages about the pathways that are opening up for you since October. Everything feels destined now for Capricorns.

Romantically, it is important to focus on the positives of your current situation while never forgetting the lessons you have learned in the past, especially this year. You have grown a great deal!

Your birth month is a the beginning of a whole new cycle which promises an exciting ride for the year of 2018, so aim high with your goals!


This is the time to be aware that your energy and mind are expanding tenfold toward the professional realm of your life. Spirit calls on you to welcome new ways of doing things.

Aquarians have found themselves in a dreamy state as of late, although you all may be feeling tired by the recent events of working toward a goal and having to make some rather large life decisions over the last few months. The key message here is about celebrating your own creativity and making sure that you are conscious of when you might be putting off growth opportunities. For instance, do you find yourself resisting finishing a project but find yourself totally okay with beginning one? Seeing things to completion is a skill for all Aquarians to master this month.The Mercury retrograde will allow all Aquarians to tie up some loose ends.

December is a great month for Aquarians to clear out their homes to create new space. It is a great time to look closer at the details of your finances and create a new itemized budget plan. I want you all to start thinking like a Savvy Earth sign when it comes to money.

It's best for all Aquarians to not make sharp moves or bold announcements when it comes to relationships in the month of December. This month's energy is much more suitable to a quiet knowing of where and who you feel best with and ensuring that you honor your own space and needs. A large part of November's energy was geared toward you losing self-doubt.

This isn’t an ideal time to throw all your hands up in the air. This is a moment when you will be working out what fits best for you moving forward. The centralized theme for this month is ensuring that your dream life matches your reality. If it doesn’t, then December sees you making baby steps towards the development of the goals which you have been planning and executing the moves for all of 2017. These baby steps are all part of the giant leap forwards that we see in March of 2018 for all Aquarians.

Enjoy the magic-filled month of expansion. You are learning a great deal about yourself and some of the movement is about owning up to hard truths in December. Eventually, it will pan out into a huge shift upwards in the spring of next year. Keep rising.


You are learning how to face your fears. With the tests which you faced between August and October, you worked out your fear muscle so much during that now you could get through almost anything without feeling a thing. The shadow work in 2017 has been the most intense for you as this year has challenged Pisces in ways they didn’t know where possible. The miracles and blessings that are occurring as a result of your hard work have only started to show recently and they will build to a climatic point by June 2018.

The tests are over with that lesson I can assure you.

There is a need for all Pisces to fully understand how ready you are to transform, part of this is by trusting your inner guidance and always remembering to enjoy the act of sharing your energy. There will be an emphasis on true love this month, love that comes from a non-ego disposition, one where you can feel happy for people based on their own merits as much as feeling happy for yourself. This development has been particularly nourishing for Pisces.

For Attached Pisces, there seems to be an emphasis on joint goals, perhaps you may be working in tandem with your partner on a home renovation, joint project or goal together, or even planning for a pregnancy. For single Pisces, there is an emphasis on belief, belief in self, and opening up your energy to new people coming in the spring. I see a lot of single Pisces starting new relationships in the spring of 2018.

Simply allow life to unfold now, you don’t need to push anything like you did earlier in the year.

This isn’t a month to be pushing your professional life but rather enjoying the fruits of your labor and some much-needed quality time with the ones you care about. Gaining quietly all of the facts and contacts that you need to be in touch with in the new year is best.

December for Pisces is about appreciating the wonder of where you are at, even if you are not exactly where you want to be.

Try not to concern yourself with materialism this month, be around the beauty of nature. It is all about heart in December. 


December sees Aries yearning to trust themselves again. Doing some inner child work is key for you to discover your own self-trust and self-care at this time. There has been a seriousness in the Aries energy that needs to shift. When did things get so serious for you? I would encourage all Aries to be spending time around people and places that leave you in awe, or to participate in activities that make you feel like a child again. Go to a theme park, dance with a friend spontaneously, enjoy your favorite food one night this get the drift.

Time to let the energy and tension loose and feel free of the seriousness.

It seems as if you have been too hard on yourself recently and possibly others as well. Remember we are all only human and we are all just doing our best in this life. It is important to check in with the critical side of your energy in the month of December and start to see the inner child in all people. How can you connect more authentically with their inner child? How can you show more compassion and love to the ones that you care about?

A shift in gratitude is welcome and needed.

Spirit calls on you during the month of December to look out for the signs that the universe is helping you and aiding you out of a difficult or stressful situation. There will be many signs of this help so all you have to do is open your eyes.

There may be an opportunity that is related to your professional life coming through to you, the most important message is to follow your heart. Only you know what is more true to your heart in the next few months. You will likely be making some big decisions so remain grounded to your heart's song and where it is guiding you.


December sees you asking "Why am I so hard on myself?" Being your own biggest critic isn’t serving you anymore, and the last few weeks provided enough insight to support that. December finds you investigating your inner dialogue and looking at where you can make some changes within to make room for kinder patterns in the new year.

It’s almost as if in November you held yourself to such a high standard that it caused stagnation and an inner tension that was prominent throughout the entire month for you.

December sees a chill disposition. You may find that you are more open to visiting places that inspire this month. It’ll be obvious that your soul is needing some TLC in the best possible way.

Look to creativity, that is the core of the medicine for you Taurus.

Romantically, things may have felt a little foggy. Spirit is calling on you to reason through the shadow work you have been doing in 2017. It has been the road opener for immense light coming in for you in the new year. Without darkness, there simply isn’t any light, and sometimes we have to go within and investigate our shadow selves so that we may understand the areas in which we need to heal. 

Trust your path and your process.

Your power week is December 11-18th. In many ways, it will be a refreshing form of power for you, as it won’t be in the form of your usual Taurus leadership disposition. This may be a situation in which you recognize that your power is now coming from an entirely different source celebrating your individualism. It will feel refreshingly authentic and at times awakening to your inner child.


The month of December sees a full moon on Sunday, December 3rd in your sign. This month, spirit calls you to go within. At times it may feel like you are hibernating but in many ways, the stillness and inward journey is a way for you to gain solutions to the tests that have been brewing since the late portion of summer.

Your personal strength in the month of December comes from within. Allow the meditative state you find yourself in for most of the month to guide you to your own personal power.

The new year presents a whole new awakened state for all Geminis.

It is important to give yourself the permission and space to take time off in the month of December. Spirit presents a need for all Geminis to recharge their batteries after an intense and at times tiring few months of shifts, starts, and bumps in the road.

Too many Geminis in love are absorbing their partner's energy. Notice how your moods are in sync with your beloved? That isn’t a mistake.

It is time to introduce strong energetic boundaries. You can do this by stating your needs with more ease and envisioning a grid of protection around you while being in the company of others where you may feel your energy being depleted. Perhaps it may be time for a bit of a social clear out? I feel that 2018 sees a lot of new people entering your life and people that are more of a vibrational match for you. 

Finding and developing a sacred space for yourself to spiritually thrive in the month of December is key. Is there a park or a place in your home that you particularly like to sit and just be? Find that space that allows you to be silent and still in peace and enjoy the insights that flood in. 


You are feeling some changes and developments. A shift within you is happening, particularly in your professional life. Cancers cannot ignore the messages you are getting in the month of December. These are all psychic visions of expansion coming to you and it is best not to diminish their power by forms of rationalization or practicality. Go with the magic, the energy of December is forcing you to look at your dreams of the future. 

You must trust in your movement forward and let new ideas flow.

Shedding the skin of the past is an important part of the spiritual work you are doing. Even subconsciously you are having to go over past events to start to let go of what was. In the month of December move forward with what is right in front of you. Try not to overplan but rather let things take force and fit into place organically.

Watch your spending in December. I see that for many Cancers it is important not to get into excessive spending habits or eating habits. You want to make sure that you are always thinking of nourishment when you're thinking about buying something or eating something. Does this food or item nourish your body or soul? Or is this choice diminishing me in some way? Don't be impulsive. During the Mercury retrograde, it is best to avoid any large last-minute purchases. I would advise waiting until February for that kind of activity. 

Romantically, trust is everything. For single and attached Cancers this time is about trusting that what is right is forming. Celebrating your partner and loved ones is key in December. Things may have been bumpy in November for a lot of coupled Cancerians but ensuring to take time to remember what you adore about your beloved is important and communicating it! For both single and coupled Cancers, celebrating yourself is key in December. Find time for self-love and self-care to move to the higher vibration of 2018.

Big developments are happening.


Retreating is not a weakness dear Leo.

So many of you Leos mistake worry and hyperactivity with productive strength. December shows you that the worry you have been experiencing has been unnecessary. You have two options: you can either continue to worry excessively or you can start to enjoy the miracle of waking up each morning and being in this beautiful dream we call life. You get my drift. Worry has grabbed you and now you must tell it to get off! Wipe off the worry!

Reminding yourself to breathe every time you start to feel worried (especially about the future) is key. You are totally safe and secure in declaring that now is not the welcome time for worry as it is holding you back in many ways from living the future that you want to live.

It feels as if there is a power dynamic forming for some Leos or they feel that certain people owe them either monetarily or energetically. The situation is that you are very acute empathetically and you give an enormous amount to your friends, family, and partnerships, however, you need to always remember to give without expecting anything back. If you expect an exchange, then it would be necessary to state your terms and conditions more so that you don’t feel used and upset when the favor isn’t returned back to you.

Your medicine at present is looking at new ideas and ways of doing things. 2018 calls for a high degree of courage and this isn’t just about making small decisions that scare you, this about making the big, life-changing ones. 2018 is about making bold moves and who does bold better than you? No one. Go be bold. You've got this.

The more you share your inner knowledge and wisdom with the world, the more you come out of your shell, and the more success comes to you.

Do not be afraid of sharing your voice, I would encourage you to sing more or explore the possibility of taking a public speaking class. You may be surprised by some information you learn during the month of December. Everything you are discovering about yourself and others is enabling you to shed your skin of any self-limiting beliefs so that you may move forward into a more authentic life. Your sheer bravery and courage, the moves you've made up to this point, and the actions you'll take in the beginning portion of 2018 will create a long-lasting effect. 


Spirit is coming in this month to force you to take a look at the theme of sharing and generosity of spirit and self. A key theme for 2017 for all Virgos is about opening up to the vulnerability of giving. In November did it make you feel vulnerable at times? Have you built up a wall of protection which feels that it may need to come down now? Why and how did that happen?

Looking deeper into this message, I would advise all Virgos to take part in charity work in December.

Through some recent disappointment (personal or professional) the heart chakra is starting to become blocked for Virgos. I’m sorry that this has happened but the way to unblock it is by giving without wanting or expecting anything in exchange. Open your heart through giving to others and you will be ringing in the new year with refreshed inner joy and cheer.

The world needs your vision and your gifts dear Virgo. In order to move forward in your professional expansion path, you have got to come to terms with your gifts no matter how worthless your ego feels in the professional realm right now. Trusting your own gifts is key to your success. Weaving your web is best to be done quietly and steadily.

Sharing your spiritual wisdom with the ones you care about this holiday is key. Opening up to people and speaking your authentic truth is the medicine for your soul.

Virgos are creating a new life plan for themselves and it is up to others whether they join you on your mission. Intuitively, I feel the core of the issue for Virgo is that you have had it with convincing people of your worth. It’s all about moving forward in a deeper connection with yourself with an open heart.

Remember where there is vulnerability, there is often truth. Just because something doesn’t feel safe or habitual doesn’t make it wrong or scary. Explore new territories and get out of any rut of false security you have planted.

Enjoy the shift.


Listen and learn from your dreams. In December, your dream life is the space where spirit is trying to come in and speak to you. In many ways, 2017, has felt like a tango for Librans. You have been marching two steps forward, only to find yourself going a few steps back. In some cases, it has felt infuriating and hard to see the road ahead clearly.

December's message is about giving all Libras a wake-up call about what needs to leave your space. What you resist in your growth and expansion is what will persist into the new year. Essentially it is go-time to pull the plug on the aspects of life that aren’t working for you or need readjustment. It is time to make those shifts that you need. There has been a lot of focus over fears and anxieties, I feel that some of you may be focusing too much on this emotion and hence increasing the amount of stress you have been under. December finds you retreating into a less fearful and more calming energy.

There is a situation that many Libras have felt trapped in - which they have to readjust. The best way out of these dilemmas is always a sacred space for yourself and the importance of taking space from whatever is causing you to feel cornered. It is best to retreat to re-strategize and allow spirit to sort this next phase out for you.

I would advise all Libras to write down their fears and harmful situation(s) which are causing them the feeling of unrest. Then, set the list on fire. Let the ashes fall into a bowl and leave your space and bury them or blow them to the wind giving them to spirit to sort out. You are surrendering your worries and concerns in December.

The power of thinking in a positive way can transform. For example, if you have financial concerns in December, try to participate in a knowing that things will improve. This is an important way to shift some of the energy which has been building up over the last few months. I feel a lot of Libras will be making their declarations in January. For now, it is about surrendering the fears and unpacking your own emotional weight to provide the mental clarity needed to move through the month.


Nobody cuts to the chase better than you, nobody uncovers the truth better than you, nobody speaks authenticity better than you, so then why is spirit mentioning that those are the areas to pay attention to in December?

It’s time to come clean in communication. Emotionally, energetically, spiritually - what is it that you aren’t owning up to? It's time to concentrate on your inner warrior. For some reason, there is a weakening in the energy, a fatigue. Are present circumstances draining you? What can be switched up in your life to get you charged up with your own power again?

Trusting in the bumps along the way in November provided an opportune ability for you to rise. I know for Scorpios there have been some difficulties in the mix. This month's message is about the ability to see past the difficulties.

The power is in the knowing of looking outward at the entirety of your journey of life.

Essentially, my message is not to get too caught up in the nitty grittiness of December's movements, but rather move into a trusting vibration for the months and years ahead. Your psychic and envisioning gifts are the essence of your healing at this time. Many Scorpios are nursing wounds right now either of the soul or of the body. Your spirit has been through a lot these last few weeks. The wounded warrior will rise and stronger than ever before. 

Compassion, caring, and sharing are the key for December. Ensuring you are coming from a space of love even if your feelings are difficult. It is best to take some space before speaking and reminding yourself to be as loving in your communication as possible.  

Scorpio’s sensitivity is awakened in December, so tread lightly.

For coupled Scorpios, it is imperative you use the term “We” as much as possible when in conversation with your partner in the month of December as opposed to “I”. It is about recognizing that you are a team. For single Scorpios, it is an opportune time to do some deep inner work to get into the space of welcoming a brand new chapter coming in this month.


This December, much like many of the other signs, you may find yourself with a sincere need to rest and go inward after a few months of simply pushing, exploring and expanding at such a rapid rate.

Your mind is most likely closely connected to your worth and finances this month. I see a lot of you brainstorming ways in which you can bring in more wealth next year and raise the bar on your prosperity vibe. The trick to enhance incoming money is to raise your feminine energy. This can be done in a variety of ways. I would start by reflecting on the situations in which you can be asking for more than you are currently settling for?

It is important for you to compromise on a situation that is unfolding at this time. Where do you feel you may need to make some room for a negotiation? Does it all have to be your way? Look within to see where you could create some breathing room for yourself.

Do not be afraid to rest. This is where you need to be this month in order to reset from recent events.

This month, use your wisdom to know when to speak and when to listen. You may need to quiet your mind down throughout the month as it seems as if things have been spiraling for you recently in the energetic outlook. Meditation for all Sagittarians is strongly advised.

There’s more information you need to gather on various aspects of your movement forward. As a result, in December it would be best to listen to your own energy and move forward from there. 

Romantically, listening to your lover's rhythm and ensuring that you are marching in unison is key. If you feel there is a stagnation, allow the space needed to voice those feelings so you can get back on equal footing.

For all Sagittarians this is a time of recognizing your own worth to the fullest extent. There is a cycle completing from your life in Christmas 2012 to where you are now. Link back to that. What are the connections and how can you build insight between the two events?

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