Monthly Energyscope for February

Applicable for Sun Sign, Moon Sign, or Rising Sign


Be prepared for the rebirth cycle that awaits you in February!

There is a blossoming of receiving energy awakening within you, an understanding that there is plenty more you could be receiving from the universe. This realization mainly has arisen from the intense shadow work that you have been doing recently.

Justice arrives mid-month to bring light to a subject or ongoing issue for you in the years of 2012-2015. What was happening in those years and how have you been confronting it in 2018 so far? This February there is an awareness into the revisitation of that time period and also a true desire to come out of stagnation and into more control.

It seems that a lot of Capricorns are focused on their own elevation professionally at this time, with a concentration of monetary and financial increase. More rewards will come the more you get out of your routine and shake the stagnation.

In love there is a huge change coming, it feels like a major much-needed change is on the brink. Have you been obsessing over your professional life and not paying enough attention to your personal life? Pay attention to the people who may need your emotional support.

Think creatively rather than competitively in business and you will see a rise in reward.

Steering your own ship is your desire and the decisions you make this month will firmly place you on course to be feeling more in the driver's seat of your path. There seems to be an isolation or a feeling of delayed improvements, perhaps you had a vision of a business taking off and have been putting off the steps you needed to take? The time is now dear Capricorn to say YES to change.

Stress management should be a priority in February so don’t put off self-care. I would love all Capricorns to ensure they get enough sleep in the month of February. The burn out will be easy as your schedule is likely to be packed.

Keep focused on your regenerative and restorative time and you will have the much-needed energy to bloom!


February finds you rejuvenating and refreshing your creative energy. You will be looking to your dreams and fulfilling them this month. This is a blissfully positive month for all Aquarians! It may feel like finally some progress is being made in business arrangements after a brief period of stagnation or self-doubt. It might have felt like a very long road to reach the energy that February has for you -  but the journey and at times difficult powerful lessons of 2017 and January were well worth it. 

February finds many Aquarians having to assert boundaries, particularly on the internet and with friends. Don’t be surprised if the Eclipse of Jan 31st had you reconsider a few soul contracts in your life as well as rethink your entire online presence. If you are feeling something isn’t right, move on - no questions asked. 

Your dream life takes center stage, pay attention to the signs you receive whilst in sleep. The first two weeks of February may find you with extra vigor and determination to push forward with addressing any financial discomfort, Aquarius. You can and will do this! 

There is a financial reward coming particularly between the dates of the 21st-28th of February.

Let go of any negative people. There is an encouragement to also let go of any fears in general especially fears of being alone. You are standing tall in your own space, celebrating your uniqueness this month.

Sometimes, when you are in a period of expansion the shadow self can come into play, so please go ahead and trust the miracles that are happening and your incoming success. Remember along this month, you are only human and you can only do so much! 

Choose to forgive yourself. In many cases, you are your own worst inner critic. It is simply time to be kinder to yourself this month. 

Romantically, there is another huge change on the horizon, a lot of personal shifts are taking place, moving you into a spiritually expanded positioning when it comes to love and sharing your energy more selectively with others. For coupled Aquarians this means a deeper space of love and intimacy with your partner and for single Aquarians this could very well either mean you are to have a wonderful meeting in February or are moving into the most powerfully abundant singledom time of the last 18 months and will feel some seriously refreshed energy in the love department. The realizations of diminishing your own power through previous love and social relationships come through strong in February. Where you have slighted yourself in the past you have much to learn from.

You are moving into such a gloriously sunny disposition and energy, enjoy the warmth and connection to your dreams. You, my dear, are making it happen! Rise up! 


A tug of war with self is happening at this time with a huge influx of fire energy occurring in the springtime. What is fire energy good for? It is great for all things action related, for making bold moves, for getting the guts to say what’s not working anymore and to make some firm and solid boundaries. What situation or who is in your life presently that is making you feel as if you need to escape and/ or implement firm boundaries? I highly recommend for you to act on those tasks in February and start putting yourself first. Empathically you have been in overdrive, giving to everyone else. This month sees you truly putting your own needs first.  

This month sees you standing your ground with your finances and business perspective. I love February's energy for you in regard to your financial outlook. The message is that you are standing very strong and almost Taurus like in your attitude surrounding your worth and the monetary compensation that goes with that, this great! Finally, some action financially for dear Pisces. 

February opens your eyes and prepares you for upcoming travel, you are now seeing the realm of possibilities ahead of you. In previous months you may have felt that those opportunities weren’t something that you deserved or perhaps you were significantly let down by a collaborator/agent/ manager or friend in business. Spirit recommends you listen to your intuition on any and all business dealings. 

Determination is rampant in your energy in February, I see so many possibilities laid out in front of you and the best thing for you to do is simplify them and prioritize. If there's 3 million tasks ahead of you, why not take the most important one first? Instead of trying to multitask throughout the month. Making steps in a linear fashion is better for you this month than multitasking like many of you found in the month of January. 

You must listen to your own self and intuition this month. Are you ignoring your own inner wisdom at this time? Pisces, as much as you will be taking authority over many areas of your life, I would recommend you to digitally detox in February. The message coming through strongly is that many of you are getting burnt out by technology and rapid communications with others. Keep things short and simple. You don’t need to be everything for everyone all of the time. Take space for you more this month. 

For coupled Pisces, there is just the most gorgeous energy coming in for relationships. I pulled the lovers card so you can definitely expect to have a heightening of connection between you and your lover. For single Pisces, there seems to be a lovely inner child energy coming in the month of Feb, ideal for dating, travel, social events but also for creatively expressing yourself. Go make some art or a written statement about self-love and watch the compliments come in. 


What on earth is causing you so much stress, Aries? Lowering your stress is mandatory this month. Have you been worrying too much? Reality not meeting up to your expectations?

Here’s a key message: the people you chose to leave behind recently? That was absolutely for the best. Things haven’t been easy and smooth as of late, I feel in February you may be experiencing some limbo feelings on a current situation that is causing you worry. What are you on the fence about? It seems as if a lot of Aries have been struggling with their sleep recently. 

Your relationship to money takes center stage in February, how you earn it, spend it, and more importantly save it? Is your naturally thrifty side actually stating to the universe that you actively aren’t welcoming in more financial offerings or that you distrust your own ability to receive? 

Start to regain more trust in abundance and you will see more coming to you. 

There is an energy at play here that feels bigger than yourself of sorts, essentially a large offering is about to be made to you. I feel it is in the way of a major life event, perhaps a relocation or move is on the cards or a career change? Are you content where you are?

Romantically, have you found yourself asking or paying attention to existential problems or issues in a connection, are you noticing habitual cycles coming up for you? Use these insights into the previous patterning to further draw in your wisdom.

What changes can you make as a result of the insights you are having about the past? 

It is apparent you are ready for something new in more ways than one and February may just be the month where you will be accepting the shifts that need to take place and honoring your own need to move to a higher vibration to let your manifestations arrive. 


Patience. What you want is forming, even if you feel you are far away from it right now. 

There was a professional advancement opportunity that proved disappointing to you for some time. This whole goal spreadsheet of yours, it needs to be relooked at and possibly even thrown out. February shows you that there is a process to becoming ready for the growth that you want and is so much a part of your current journey. 

Some much-needed change is coming in the way of an improved financial outlook giving you more of an opportunity to make investments into the spaces that need it most in your life. 

Financially you’ve been fairly frugal in the month of January, and much like Aries - is this penny-pinching attitude a sign that you distrust abundance? Also, if someone isn’t paying you fairly or if you feel like you are being treated badly at work it may be time to exert a boundary. Speak up for yourself! With your level of experience, you are more than likely deeply respected by your colleagues and higher-ups due to your incredible work ethic and drive! 

I feel a lot of Taureans are internally understanding that something huge is about to change in their lives. This feels psychically like a quiet, inner knowing, one that maybe you aren’t actively speaking out about at the moment but rather you just feel in your very core and essence of being. 

Meditate on the change you want to see. 

If you want to see and feel the scale of the change that is happening for you, I would highly recommend taking a risk in February that is directly linked to your feeling of abundance. By traveling outside of your comfort zone and saying yes to something new (even if it is just an invitation to somewhere unusual) could be the thing to open you up to energetic changes!

There is definite travel approaching for you, even in February, you might be going on a quick break somewhere remote. Perhaps you may even be working remotely in the month of February? 

Stay focused on your long-term goals, you are a true visionary and one of the best signs of endurance. Embrace your stamina, because quite frankly you are having to be very focused and tireless in your efforts! This chapter firmly ends in April and will see you visioning your own direction forwards. Understanding the lack of permanence of your situation will deeply help!  

There seems there hasn’t been much room for your romantic life in January. Are you feeling closed up? What the cards suggest is that within Darkness there is much light and awareness and ability to heal through the awareness of darkness - perhaps by becoming your own biggest ally through the shift you face in February, your connection to self could awaken for a longing to share space with more ease? 


Things feel a little foggy and confusing at the moment? Feel like you made some steps forward and then it’s multiple steps back? There seems to be a deep need to be still, to retreat in February. Make this a brainstorming month for you about what steps are best to take next.

There seems to be a distrust that you are on the right path at this time.

Things might have been feeling stagnant financially, there needs to be a shift into time management. It seems as if many people are turning to you for emotional or spiritual support and that your cup may feel empty as of late.

There is an abundance of fire energy welling up inside of you at present and the frustration and discomfort you've been feeling come from not understanding where to channel that energy. By doing powerful shedding work that the lunar eclipse on January 31st brought you to you are powerfully transmuting into a new living breathing life force, like a snake. This cycle is intensive and it may have felt like wading through quicksand at times! 

February finds you seeing the humor in the chaos of the last twelve months. Believe it or not, that humor is what will be getting you through into the heightened state of energy you are moving into. By allowing yourself to reclaim your own power through connecting with things that make you feel genuinely happy and free again, you will see miracles beyond expectation that come to fruition firmly in summer.

Coming to grip with a hard truth here, you need to be more honest about who you are to some people. The confusion in identity and in direction has been a lot to do with the thick layers of hidden energy you have veiled around yourself.

The muddled scattered energy is causing you to go within and find the most important connection with the simple things in life. This will, in turn, boost your gratitude, and overall will be a deeply fulfilling metamorphosis that you won’t regret.


There is a bridge between what feeds you, what is not working right now, and the things you know you need to change and your new chapter. It is as if you are walking a tightrope between three time dimensions, so I can see why January was confusing and isolating at times for Cancerians!  

The new phase of life begins for you in February. You are firmly starting to ask yourself how you need to prepare for the incoming changes that you know are ahead. Likely, you will be feeling stronger than ever before, but this has been due to the amount of intense shadow work you have been doing over the last six months. By paying attention to the areas of your psyche that need shedding, perhaps you can get rid of some unhealthy patterning as you are emerging into a whole new life cycle! 

Action had stalled in January. I see that a lot of Cancerians felt under the weather and you may be dealing with an energy in February that is best kept to "push less and pull back" but with less of a hermit feel than January. In pulling back from pushing so hard on things and relaxing more you are creating a more inviting energy to come in. Sometimes the universe has better plans for you than you originally thought! 

Replenishing your cup is key in February especially when it comes to communications and interactions with loved ones. How can you create more time for yourself? There is a sweet gesture from a person close to you this month that may see you feeling so rejuvenated!

You are simply changing a great deal at the moment and your priorities are shifting. It is absolutely understandable to have different visions for the future you had even six months ago! 

Go with the personal evolution that is happening to you at this time. The less you cling to the past ways and the more you embrace the new, the better! Have you been resisting the much-needed change that has been trying to come in? It’s time for you to welcome change in February with open arms, your own personal strength is coming through and provides you the release you need to make significant changes in your life.

Brainstorm in February. The insights that come forward could potentially be part of the plan you forge forward with later on in the year, this is a slow burn and the results won’t be immediate but the ideas seem to float in rapidly during February. Listen to where your creative visioning takes you! 


Dear Leo, you have been driving yourself crazy with unnecessary worry.

February shows you in a space where you may be able to present a plan to some higher-ups, people who will be able to help support your ideas actualizing.

You have been isolating yourself and not sharing your feelings with others nearly enough. I encourage you all to find a support group, or more time with your friends, a sacred space and mandatory self-care time where you can air feelings or perhaps even begin the process of starting your own weekly meetup where you can share. You’ve got to get these emotions off your chest as they are simply eating away at you. Community is very healing for you in February.

You may have felt exhausted and like you don’t have much strength as of late, but here’s the thing, look to the new chapter that's ahead every time you start to feel a sense of fatigue. The more you engage in creating a solid plan for the future, the more inspired you will feel. Look forward, not back.

When was the last time you let go and danced? Felt free? Let’s get back to that fabulous Leo energy of joyful fun.

Some pause has occurred and I feel in a sense you are currently overlooking your own strengths and inner magic at this time. The best thing you can be doing is engaging and moving out of worry. It appears as if you may be feeling significantly burnt out and stagnating on your course as a result of overthinking or worrying about making an error in a decision.  

You need equilibrium and self-trust right now. Find balance again. It’s almost as if you are getting caught up in the worry and anxiety of everything not arriving at the exact moment you would like it to. Spirit is at play here, things are shifting and the less you demand immediacy on certain shifting elements the more you can start to enjoy the path.

Spiritual healing is essential for Leo at this time, especially surrounding love and trust issues.  Get talking about how you feel and see the shifts in the coming months. A need for gentle exercise helps guide a further self-care action in February, make a commitment to move your body more in peace. The simplicity and quietness of talking a walk will bring forth an idea of inspiration.


Hallelujah! Change has arrived!

Dear Virgo, you may or may not know this, but you are on top of your game right now.

You are making some powerful decisions in February that blossom into a series of door openers from the universe come April time. This is seen especially In the career sector.

A word of advice, you need to be listening to your intuition right now. Have you been ignoring a gut feeling about a situation or a particular person? Honor these insights because they are coming up for a very powerful reason.

I see a new relationship on the horizon for Virgos and it could be either a strengthening of an existing bond or a really amazing new connection coming through, you are so ready for this shift I feel it! Get romance ready as February sees you looking and feeling your best.

A lot of Virgos may see themselves physically in movement quite a bit in February. Like Capricorn, your schedule is likely to be packed. There's a nice resolution to a financial/ business related concern coming in. The key is to not get distracted in the journey at the moment, I feel that sometimes when you are on path, something crops up to distract or sway you from your end goal.

Create a firm list of distraction boundaries this month, leave your cell phone off for that extra hour so you can fully focus and concentrate on the areas you wish to grow. You are in demand right now.

For single Virgos this is a heavenly time to be dating and getting out there, I see and feel a lot of you feeling vibrantly healthy in the month of February, accept all invitations to social events!

Embracing the unknown and your fears to any change is a needed development in your personal spiritual processing this month. This phase in February is about celebrating the moments when you say “I do not know”, understanding clearly that you don’t always have to have the answer for everything and that is very much ok to say “I’m not clear but I’m loving and trusting where this change is all headed anyways”.

Gratitude, lessening the fear of the unknown, and embracing change are all key areas of your energy you will be investigating in February.


Pondering a life path decision? Not sure what’s going on but knowing that you need a change?

Your transformation in February is like that of a butterfly. You are coming out of a cocoon. I want you to think of your solutions at the moment linked with a challenge of practicality at this time. Essentially, the more practical you are, the better off you will be!

Be patient, as big moves are coming, but February sees you growing your practical skills. Honor the present moment as there is much to learn to prepare you for what's coming next.

I feel you have been on the fence about a big decision for quite some time and that there is a lot of action and energy buzzing around you. While this may feel thrilling at times, in other moments it can cause anxiety. Grounding is an essential practice for all Libras at this time, ensuring that you are rooted in functionality will help tremendously this month. As much as I wish to be advising you to be making decisions based on how you feel, February causes you to look at the sheer facts and act accordingly from those.

My top tips for Grounding: Walk on earth often, place a pot of soil in your home place your hands in the soil whenever you start to feel unrooted, use essential oils of Cedarwood, Palo Santo and Sage. I love working with Tiger eye or Smokey Quartz crystals when feeling ungrounded also.

This month sees you identifying and actualizing your manifestations. It’s almost as if you have been out of touch with those for far too long.

My advice: Whatever you are feeling fire energy about - like you need to hold your hands up in the air and say I just can’t take it anymore, it’s time to funnel that fire energy into action and to stir that emotion to make you change things about your current set of circumstances. Heal yourself by removing self-imposed barriers and start saying yes to leaving your comfort zone more.

February may see you consulting with a homeopathic doctor or a healer of some kind, your attention to your diet and health is all-consuming this month as you are ready to start elevating and pushing through any limitations that may have formed late last year. You have all of your own answers.

Whatever you have been putting off, take action in February. This is not the month to be bottling up how you are feeling anymore, so go ahead and get communicating and releasing some of your emotions as that will help lift the tension energy that formed for you in January.

Trust your abilities. You have what it takes to see the change you desire.


You don't owe anyone an excuse, you do realize this? The high drama of your situation has been all-consuming over this last month. Are you honoring what truly works for you or are you overextending to everyone else's needs and demands?

February finds you very politely and calmly exerting your boundaries and it will feel most refreshing. It’s almost as if the entire month of January you were very much rooted in your head and overthinking every aspect of life or a particular situation you face!

February sees you focused on a new self-care regime and possibly even refreshing up your image and social media platform. 

I see a lot of Scorpios making changes to their hair, diet, how they present themselves publicly.

This February, I want you to divert your attention to the possibilities in front of you. They are expansive and offer a wealth of travel and heightened opportunity. There is a need to look inward into ways you can be receiving more in terms of financial abundance and professional developments. I’m afraid you may have to go back to the drawing board on an idea or business plan you have set for yourself.

The message that comes through is that your boost in receiving comes when you meditate on the NEW path, the path that involves travel and the new chapter ahead of you. Spread your wings and surrender.

The medicine that comes with February is one of new and refreshing boundaries. Where can you exert more boundaries in your current situation? How can you start to feel more comfortable and honored?

Out of all the signs, you truly are one of the most intuitive and I feel you need to honor your own knowing this month.

There is great power in your own magic medicine this month. I feel things on the relationship and connection front may have felt a little gloomy as of late, but with a real reminder that a deeper and more authentic self is breathing through this phase, stick with your spiritual work and your boundary setting. You owe nothing, you are absolutely entitled to feel that you need a break from someone or something. Honor your own voice and your own needs in February and you will more than likely be coming out of the month feeling a new refreshed Scorpion taking over!


You seem to be channeling a beat poet right now in your demeanor! Forget being cool, calm and collected, this month is all about getting in touch with that fire drive in you, creating some real change and living like a gypsy. Get ready for adventure!  

Self-expression and opening up your throat chakra is key in a speedy healing for you from all the shifting energy that took place in January. Get singing - music is a great release for you. If you felt like you have been bottling things up in January, it is time to let things out and really focus on speaking your truth, to the people that matter.  

The month of February sees you taking an increase in psychic ability. Out of all the signs I see you seeing and visioning your future most clearly this month.

Many Sagittarians can’t shake the truthful insights they have been having recently. Truth is a funny thing, whilst we seek it constantly, authenticity, once present, can cause us to lose a fake friend or two because we are finally speaking out about the things we have been seeing and feeling.

In January you may have found things literally eclipsed out of your life, like all of a sudden losing your job or a friendship you have had for over 25 years. Unforeseen change was a big theme for Sagittarians.

Surrendering your fears of the future will help you live more in the present day. This is key energy medicine for you this month in February. Be in the now, stop being in your head about the future, and trust you have all you need right now.

Money conservation is very important to you this month. Use your time management well in February. Delegation is everything. Be diplomatic with spending. If you need a hand with a task, simply ask a trusted friend. Learn to lean on others in a time of need, it is more than ok to have needs and to ask for them to be met. Often you focus on being a warrior so frequently that sometimes this can be easily forgotten. February sees you learning the art of receiving and the beauty behind self-declaration and a kind of creative freedom and inspiration you’ve been yearning for quite some time!

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