Monthly Energyscope For November

Applicable for Sun Sign, Moon Sign, or Rising Sign


You've been moving slowly and methodically on a plan that's dear to your heart for quite some time and it's preparing for launch period in the new year. Take your time and listen to your gut on all levels.

You are inviting and welcoming luxury in all levels and are honestly wanting to raise the bar in all elements of your life, particularly professionally. There seems to be a reason to celebrate a victory in the new year, perhaps you feel there have been a series of difficult life lesson in the year of 2017 that you weren't even sure you would be able to get through.

The test has been and gone, you are confidently through the other side, it's now about connecting with your earthy goodness and earth energy to heal you to start receiving more on all levels.

How can you connect with earth energy? The best way, for you specifically, dear Capricorn, is through prayer and spending more time in nature, after all, you are the Queen of all Earth witches. Spending time in nature is deeply replenishing for you in the month of November.

November doesn't feel like a time for launch, it feels like a time for you to collect and harvest all of your cold, hard facts. Establishing a strategy and plan that'll stand the test of time for you in the year of 2018. Arriving prematurely to your destination would be foolish, it's better to collect your wisdom, what you've learned and then step into the new chapter.

Trust is key for all Capricorns, a deep inner knowing that what you plant will ultimately grow.

For attached Caps: Talking is key, communication, being in a wonderful space to deepen a connection. For single Caps, listening and ensuring you are speaking clearly to others about what you feel ready for is key. Time not to be over-complicating things with projections and rather better to be honest and real about what form of a connection you can maintain.


Financing streamlining, comfort zone busting, strategizing and planning your way to success and the golden road of enlightenment, CHECK.

Yes, you have had barely any time for yourself, your friendships, your social and romantic life in the month of October, everything has been centered and streamlined about the tangible, what can you create that results you can see. Aquas have had glimpses of the success that is in store.

There is so much healing through sound activity, try and take a visit to a sound bath in the month of November.

There is a whole new healing taking shape for you at this time, it may feel as if you've just run a marathon after October's slog (So many Aquarians felt a stagnancy and at times, an anxiety, in October) Spirit encourages early November for a refresh time.

Connecting with yourself and your dreams by the ocean is key, especially around the time of the full moon.

You need to open up the windows to change, let the fresh breeze arrive, it'll do so around November 10th, after the powerful potent effects of the full moon take shape from the 4th-7th to seal an intent of professional rise for you.

Simplify debts, it's time to take a look at your finances and get real as to what is serving you and what isn't. Where are some areas you can be asking for more professionally? I see a lot of Aquarius developing a different marketing strategy in the month of November, a great deal of Aquarians will be discussing marketing and how best to get their messages out in the world, for their businesses or other people's.

Romance: Pay attention to your gut and any hunches you have, deeply honor your female energy, November marks a powerful moment of receiving more again, the last few months have felt like an over shedding of giving activity for Aquarians. Receiving is on the table in November and it feels fantastic. For attached Aquarians, lucid dreaming may be on the cards for November and a deepened interest in sex magic.


Wake up dear Pisces! Spirit is calling you to step UP to a higher vibration. What does a higher vibration entail exactly? Less worry, tick. More action, tick. More magic, tick. More self-care, tick. More delights in the miracles unfolding, tick. Trust in the process. You are reaching new heights, even if you felt October was a wallowing period, it was necessary.

November 14th-21st are POWER days for you, this will be where you are feeling your strongest. Follow your intuitions on paths and let it unfold how it will. You are being called to go on a higher path than ever anticipated and it's been exhausting to have to rehash all of this spiritual stuff during the month of October, but you've had to have this deep karmic wash internally and externally to rid yourself of any energy that isn't serving.

It's almost like you are at a reset socially, you may feel like you have literally barely friends around you at this time. That is NORMAL for the shift you face is a reset. It is a time where you are resetting inside so that you can bring forth the massive wave of change about to hit.

I want poor Pisces to have a bit of a break from all the intensity, I can't promise that November won't have its time of jaw-dropping moments of change but I can promise that it'll likely feel less gripping and tense than October.

Your Money vibe is stronger in November but you won't see a complete reset until Jan- March time where dollar vibes start kicking up to new heights way above your current expectations.

Love: Single Pisces, you are truly meant to reset the self-care game in November, I see a lot of Single Pisces coupling in the next phase around Spring. This is a huge shift internally for you and the next relationship promises to be a big win, November sees you out and about more than in October.

Attached Pisces: A deeper, more intimate connection follows in November, sensual Scorpio energy sweeping in promises to see new heights within your romance energy, date nights are mesmerizing, especially around the 18th.

DREAM big, pick up the phone to the change calling, you've had the wallowing chapter in October and it's now time to brush yourself up and march forward.

Homework: Get a flag, every time you have a win, be it small or big, wave your flag of victory. Celebrate your wins and give yourself a big pat on the back. November calls on you to be your biggest cheerleader. Get ready for the wins!


I trust you are seated in a comfortable seat with a glass of red wine in your hand and a relaxed disposition. If you aren't, I suggest you find somewhere relaxing to read this, by the end of November that is most definitely where you will be seated.

October sees you have closed down to the highest degree. You aren't being generous with yourself it seems or particularly feeling like giving to others either. There is a sincere sulkiness to Aries energy at present. What has caused this? Where can you shift? How can this move to open up space for you to start trusting and receiving the good you want.

You've said yes in many ways to too many things and as a result have spread yourself too thin. You have settled into a mundane rut in October and November is all about shifting away from that space.

I highly recommend Reiki sessions in the month of November, if you can be working with an energy lightworker to help shift things in your auric field this would help tremendously. By the end of November, I feel you will have felt like you won a battle. It is truly a milestone you reach.

Some very deep attachments may be severed. Many Aries might find themselves separating from long-term partners/workspaces or even rehashing and revisiting some conversations with family members that might feel sore and triggering but opens up the space for immense healing from the past.

There's a tension in the energy, it needs to shift, November creates the space for you to let all of it move and into a much more authentic space whilst shifting up your routine and creating some space for sincere JOY.


November sees all Taureans moving through an even deeper degree of shadow work. What is with all the Taureans carrying this Scorpio energy at the moment? Do you feel it? Spirit is sharing with me that it is needed to get into a deeper vibration for your expansion.

Taurus, you've been going and going and November sees a magical slow down that creates an introspective strategy shift in business. This miracle of slowing of pace creates a deeper insight into what is working and what can be altered and shifted. In December, I see Taurus having gone through tweaks and alterations in their professional life that they will feel much confidence in moving into their 2018 game plan.

Money vibe is good in November, things flow, and opportunity comes from an unexpected source. You may even be gifted with some money! A good time to make a bet. Fun is key and ensuring that you have enough time to carry forth some social activities.

When there are quiet moments, ensuring that you create a plush atmosphere to go deep is key to providing that key base of security most earth signs, especially you dear Taurus. Invest in some redecorating or new home details to further create that regenerative space.

Your shadow self has much to reveal to you during November, the areas that feel deep to delve into are there to inspire the growth you have manifested for since your big shift in March 2017.

Romance: Sharing space comes up, how easily do you find this?

This key theme visits for all Taureans both single and attached as to how you can open to another with more ease. There will be an investigation of this theme in November, particularly the first week of the month.

Homework: Spirit is showing me bowls of soup, perhaps through diet you can nourish to new levels during the first cold months? Where can you replenish through a new vitamin and food regime? Yoga is good, but you are more advice is to take up boxing. Move the fire energy and see what's left in shadow.

Go deep, and see the rewards.


Pay attention, everything, everywhere, is a sign.

The things in October that felt deep were wake up calls. However, what possibilities are available from the hardships in October? Spirit asks, how can you spin this into your web?

Your intuition, psychic ability increases to new realms in November, I see many Gemini's taking trips to new territories.

Are you ignoring or not seeing in full transparency what is in front of you? In November the vision takes place more and it asks you to go outside of the plans you have put together and to be very flexible.

I feel that for a lot of Geminis there has been some moments of great sorrow in the month of October and challenging moments that moved you to your core. The power message for November is acceptance, and then opening your eyes to the realm of possibility, what can be achieved? What can be brought to light? You have the ability to move magic and you also have the ability to see it in others, Now you need to see it within you.

Homework: Look in the mirror, move your fingertips in a wave motion, feel a light beam down into your fingertips and a gold light around you. You are engulfing yourself in a magical aura that only you can create. What the movements occur.

Health is on your mind in the month of November, particularly medicinal health, you may be looking into natural remedies in a closer-to-detail fashion. Whatever you learn in November, will be beneficial for many moons to come. The full moon has great powers for you, make sure to do a full moon ceremony of some kind.


You've got to be honest with someone, most importantly, Yourself. Something isn't working, you are giving too much.

Where have you been slighting yourself? You have been so busy trying to save everyone else in the month of October you leave this month more than likely feeling depleted. You've got to start giving yourself food first, spiritually. Feeding yourself.

Somewhere in the month of October, you created a small amount of space for you to dream, entering your dreams and ambition space in the month of November is imperative, it’ll just be a lot wider than you saw in October.

You must look within now to see where you really want to dream big next.

It's time to be real about what habits and routines you have adopted in October that truly aren't serving you. Spirit is showing me that a lot of Cancerians have been ruled by their Crown chakra far too much and their hearts have been wide open. Beautiful sentiment Cancer, but where can you scale back to get that earthy rootedness of grounding back to your body?

Homework: Spend a MINIMUM of one hour a day not on your phone and not tending to anyone else. Order first at a restaurant. When sharing food, take the first bite.

This is a shift for you, but it's one you will be ultimately confronting in November to make for a healthier, happier you in December!

Romance: Asking for more of what you need is the key theme, if you are needing more support it's as simple as simply asking for it! If you are single, you too should be asking for more!

It's time for cancers to truly treat themselves in November, where can you create an elegant, restoring and quiet retreat for yourself to recharge and breathe?

Money vibe is moderate but in January you see a big opportunity to increase financial flow.


There is a period in November of looking inward before the changes occur. I feel a lot of Leos will be making huge life decisions and saying yes to awakened projects, travel, offers that come in January- March 2018.

November and December mark a time of refueling, reengaging with what makes you tick, please ensure when you are refueling you manage to satisfy your social needs also, time alone is good, but too much time alone makes a Leo go insane so try to get out and about in the in-betweens of this process.

The key theme is to explore in November: Is your old pattern a reliable rut? Finding a new rhythm is of the highest importance, this can only be achieved through movement and a conscious energy into moving away from your comfort zone and into flight.

Dreaming work will be important in the month of November, some useful tools for Leo are Mugwort, Lavender, and Chamomile, Valerian Root.

Feeling safe and trusting into making the decisions that scare you is key, it might feel like you are jumping off a cliff at times energetically when facing the changes that are coming up for you, but you need to start trusting in the sheer brilliance of the surrender you are entering and the magical changes occurring as a result of your trust in spirit guiding you.

There's a new cycle starting for Leo's in romance also, a new state of understanding and growth awaits in the month of November. Surrender. Nourish your dreams, what you envision, is what'll manifest.

Homework: Start at least one new hobby in the month of November, open your arms to change and a new community of inspiration. Change is refreshing and welcome.


Please be more patient with yourself with November, as you are powerfully taking on a venture that is extremely ambitious and you need to be kind to yourself along the process! You truly deserve a huge pat on the back for all the work you have been putting into your own self-development over these last few months.

Homework: please write down all things that you love about yourself, place in a jar of honey and leave in a light-filled corner of your bedroom. Watch your manifesting take shape.

November finds Virgo working on your own self-love in new realms and territories, I feel you are celebrating a victory of a new path that feels very authentically within your creative strengths and highest self. Oh Virgo, the work you have done to get to here, to this point of elevation, now take it up a notch by end of year.

Be diplomatic in your conversations, ESPECIALLY in dating. People are listening to your words and you need to be cautious about what you say in November. Ensure proper planning and thinking through connections of the heart. IS THIS COMING FROM EGO? Are you opening the heart to fill a vacancy or is it more genuine? Ensure it's the latter. There is great opportunity to learn from your solitude at times in November so take note of that.

Make no mistake about it, you are well and truly on the right path now, it seems as if you are deep in a forest and using your machete (your spiritual wisdom) you have cleared through deep brushes to reach a more open and clear space for yourself, WELL DONE.


I feel a lot of Libras in the month of October may have felt a frustration, a going round in a rut type feeling, I am seeing the image of a circle so it may seem as if things might be returning full circle to you right now.

Love and relationships have particularly held karmic influence for you over the last few weeks. A longing to beautify your space and body has also moved into the light for you.

Romantically this month, a great deal of Libras will be putting their abilities in the past to overcome challenges in dynamics in the forefront of their minds. This will further motivate you to push forward with the momentum you have started to build toward creating a grander, larger space for your dreams to unfold with a special someone or single, it creates the space for your strength to lead the way.

I see a lot of Libras moving places of residence in the early period of 2018, November is about keeping cool and centered through the fluidity of your situation. You KNOW change is coming, it's just about moving through the swamp and clearing activity that is surrounding your month of November.

Fertility conversations are high for Libras, this doesn't necessarily spread into actual fertility although the reproductive organs do seem to be of spiritual importance in November for Libras. It seems as if you are conscious of a new beginning. Perhaps related to your own cycle?

Homework: Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are wonderful for Libras in the month of November. Seeing a herbalist may be a wonderful way to regulate hormonal shifts internally in the month of November.

Paying attention to details is key, a great exercise to list make in the month of November. Keeping on top of tasks is very important dear Libra, I hate to be a nag but you must in November, there are important meetings and dealings to be done.


Quietly, in November we find Scorpio making a bold exit out of the cocoon and into a sociable, outside space!

You are rising at an accelerated pace in November. This month finds you in a sensual, liberated space with an abundance glittery disposition, get ready for the compliments.

November forces you to take a closer and deeper look at trusting again, it seems you've been through so much to get to this space, ESPECIALLY surrounding love. Rebirth November marks your moment to deeply trust, and also whilst doing the deep work doing it with a sense of fun.

There's a childlike energy sweeping through for you, social activities may increase in November and it is important to open your energy up to a heightened awareness of letting NEW energy into your life. New friends, new places, new skills, new conversations.

Please, dear Scorpio, you've got to be open to the new energy knocking at your door, you know it is here and now it's time to open it with a big, welcoming smile on your face. Spirit says, NOW IS THE TIME.

I am very excited to see what you do with all of this new energy sweeping in, this would make a fabulous time to reset your wardrobe, hair, workout regime. Putting you first is the 2018 mantra. Like Cancerians, you may be feeling the diminish in energy but you have this wonderful way of knowing when you need to pull back, NOW IT'S TIME TO OPEN UP.

Romance: Keep things simple. Accept the compliments. Don't detract from your light.

Homework: Open your arms every morning, you are welcoming and embracing change and letting new energy in.


You are growing, oooh la la, and this shift feels divine.

You ventured out into a whole new game plan late October that'll see you reaping rewards well into late 2018. There was a moment of standing your ground with spirit in Mid October, it saw you marking a territory of revised self-worth and November sees the rewards of you declaring those boundaries.

This is a delicious month of joy, a welcome invitation for how the past few trial months have been going. A word of warning: don't overly attempt to control others actions in November, people will do what they will, what matters is how YOU conduct yourself. Let the right people stay and show up.

Romance: November sees most Sagittarius distracted with their work set up, powerfully making their own separations from memories or painful relationships from the past energetically, you are, as I would put it, "clearing house".

If you are attached, make sure to mention to your partner your intentions to break away from past rituals, they may be able to help you become more aware of any ruts that you can investigate more deeply. Friends may also have some interesting things to say as you grow and look within.

You are reaching a powerfully climactic point in many areas of your life, October marked a fabulous point of boundaries for you, whilst it was tough it centers around a theme of new beginnings. Whatever project you are launching in November is powerfully linked to abundance and it is YOUR OWN.

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