Monthly Energyscope For October

All energyscopes are applicable for Sun Sign, Rising Sign, or Moon Sign. 


Make way for abundance. Release fear of lack or scarcity. Open yourself to receive.

October calls for teamwork, it calls for you being comfortable in exchanging of energy both in your personal and professional life. In order to share with others you have to be comfortable with trusting others, truth comes up as your keyword for the month of October.

Professional opportunities fire up in October, it is time for abundance to move into your life, this coming month you will definitely begin to see the effects of that spell enter your life.

When October starts, abundance hits, it pretty much starts with a bang as soon as the month begins and goes hit after hit after hit. Please ensure that you are speaking your truth along the way. Create the space necessary to share with others what's really on your mind.

Don't get wrapped up in people pleasing, the vibration of October is to do things your way and to trust in that journey. Your spirituality is increasing and you are facing a cornerstone internally that has been weighing on your energy field since the summer.

It starts to shift now, October sees you reaching new heights, aim high and relax.


Your personal strength comes for an inner knowing in the month of October. Shifting from a patterning of thinking to knowing is a grateful shift for dear Cancerians in the month of October.

Remove the word thinking out of your vocabulary, it is now your new energetic best friend Knowing that will serve you in these next coming months.

October might feel a little like you might not see the point as to hanging out with anyone other than yourself, it's got a hermit vibe for Cancers, but without the loneliness. It's almost as if Cancerians are craving some alone time, some time to be just quiet, go within and get the answers they are needing.

I can't stress enough the importance to nurture your dreams and aspirations in a quiet space in October, in reflection mode you will most likely be seeking out and strategizing ways to make your dreams become reality. No limits in dream thinking, go bold and expand wide.

The crown chakra is activated for a lot of Cancerians in October, you could be feeling psychically in tune to a degree you haven't felt in years. Best to blend this crown activation with a salt foot soak bath at least once a week. One salt soak a week for your feet will help to ground you whilst you feel like you are lucid dreaming in the month of October.

October will see you reflective and meditative. Create a space just for you that is calming and nourishing. Take great care with your diet and sleep routine. Ensure self-care of the highest degree.

A good question to routinely ask yourself: Is this nourishing me?


Transformation and shedding are your powers at the moment, just when you think you've shed enough, then more emotions come up to surface and off. You are propelling into your higher self at lightning speed.

It may feel that your usual warp speed, laser-focused concept of time, organization and delegation is off at the moment, things feel a little trance-like for Taurus right now, but within the fog is a deep-rooted knowing that you are transforming and it is to a place that you have been wanting to reach since beginning of 2014. Think back to the beginning of 2014, how is that time relevant for you now, what are you revisiting? There's a link.

Try not to become obsessive about goals in the month of October, it is better to enjoy the natural processing and developing of your timeline rather than over micromanaging the growth. There seems to be a feeling of consciousness over audience in September, in October Taurus begins the huge step of releasing any fears of judgment and understanding that their most important audience member is themselves and holding a trusting and loving relationship with themselves is where they will get the fun out of the goals that they have in place.

A fun exercise of mine for Taureans to do in the month of October, get a large piece of paper, place paint on your hands and your feet, smear the paint on canvas/ paper get messy with it, walk on the paper, feel what comes up, do this to music.

Your power animal is Butterfly which is a power animal that can help you to accept the pain of change in leaving behind old concepts and attitudes, and to have the courage to launch out on wings of hope to new situations and fresh challenges. Let the winds of change carry you. Do not micromanage your growth. Just let the processing get creatively messy if it needs to.


You are blossoming, so why are you overthinking this growth? There's no finish line, it's almost as if Aries keeps looking over their shoulder and distinguishing how everyone else is moving to provide further criticism to themselves. Stop all that please!

Time to get kinder to you and be more mindful of how others are affected by your actions. Think before you act in October, you might be having to have some truthful conversations with some people in October that stimulate a cleansing for you but with an abrupt truth to others that they may not expect to be hearing from you.

Overthinking is the key area to Aries that they will be tackling in the month of October and ensuring a smoother way to move in your flow and not obstruct your blossom by overthinking your every move.

To help with losing overthinking tendencies, I suggest going for a walk on a light-filled day as you look down at your feet stepping forward, with each step say in your mind or out loud "I trust my steps forward."

There is a willingness to connect with others this month and a sociable aspect to October for all Aries. Out of the hermit phase and into a more sociable time. Like a flower you are blossoming, like a butterfly you are coming out of your cocoon.

I feel like Aries feels the weight on their shoulders, the weight has to do with others peoples stuff that unfortunately you choose to carry, in October there makes room for less inner criticism and more joy, creative expression enabling a freedom to this perpetual drag you've been feeling. Get moving on your creativity, this is where you are your happiest. Any feelings of stagnancy or unpleasure are about to move out.

Keep weaving your web.


Out of comfort zone yet? Check.

Feeling inspired? Check.

Overwhelmed with the internal shifts? Check.

ALL this leaving your comfort zone stuff is so healthy and was so very needed at the beginning of 2017. Virgo, you manifested for change and greatness and will never accept anything less than that, open your arms to change now.

The things that used to provide a feeling of security, don't anymore. It's almost like you can't unsee the knowledge you have obtained in September. Now the key to all the enlightenment you are receiving is to learn how to roll with the tide of change.

October is a surprises month, by the end of the month you might see yourself in a whole new renewed way AGAIN. (The grow doesn't seem to stop or slow down with you!)

Be cautious and careful when manifesting, you are harnessing a lot of magic in October so whatever you put your focus and intent into is what will manifest. Make sure you are specific with what you want and if you don't quite know then hold off on the manifesting work until December.

Take a breather from other people's demands in October. You will be juggling quite a bit but I see and feel that more and more Virgos are reaching new heights and developments that are spiritually based and not about the material (SHOCKER for the wonderfully earthy money based sign) My favorite friends to do money magic with our Taurus and Virgo so I always tend to associate those signs with financial reward.

October is a month where you see destiny shaping in unexpected and miraculous ways, you are surprising yourself with the willingness to step outside of your comfort zone and security blanket you nestled under for too long.

October says get to work, but on you first.


October is glistening, finding you now in a moment of drawing sincere boundaries with overextending yourself. Prioritizing your own self-care and time is key. You have simply been doing too much for too many others and now the focus needs to shift a little more onto yourself and your own needs. September felt at times chaotic with the amount of energy circulating around you.

Building boundaries in romantic unions is key, across the board for Scorpios there is a message of paying attention to overextending yourself.

The third eye awareness is the key for Scorpios this month, to unblock you may want to consider using a salt steam tablet in the shower, drinking filtered tap water and also consumption of anything peppermint is extremely healing for Scorpios during the month of October. Clarifying energy field is key in the month of October.

It may have felt at times in September like you were in an emotional tumble dryer with no way to get out. There is a way out of the intensity: boundaries. The movement out of the intensity of yourself comes with an acknowledgment of the deep need for self-renewal and no longer overextending yourself for others in the month of October to recalibrate your sense of rejuvenation and self.

Toward the end of October, there could be for many Scorpios (applicable for Scorpio moon and rising also) a meeting that feels karmic, I feel this could be a professional advancement that takes place and a knowingness within yourself that you are on track with some much-needed change.

Homework: eat as many leafy greens as possible, (do I sound like your mother, quite possibly), but in October you NEED to mother yourself. That brings me to the deeper stuff, (which I know you all appreciate) write down on a piece of paper what mother means to you, reflect. How can you mother yourself more and where are there any changes that need to be in the way you are perceiving nurturing both with self and with others.


Your feelings and emotions are everything at the moment, you may have found yourself in September doubting your positioning on things, October sees you moving into a more fluid, less black or white thinking placement. Probably for the best. It was getting a little stagnant for Leo.

October calls on you to be fluid, feeling and flexible whilst keeping as cool a disposition as possible. Tricky when everything feels so emotionally charged at the moment for you but best to avoid fire energy at this time.

You have known for quite some time there was more out there for you than what your current set up is, and definitely in September, a feeling of being in between two worlds was so relevant for all Leo's. This month is grounded in emotion, the emotion serves you because it indicated the pathway to the world that is opening, the new pathway, think of October as an opportunity for you to get a bit Cancerian in order to install the leaps you are wanting to make which comes end of year for many of you.

A lot of Leos may find themselves considering moving in some capacity in their life, whether that be professionally, personally moving away from old habits/ old worn out through processes or perhaps even relationships.

Trusting your feelings in October and releasing them/ expressing them/ voicing them/ listening to them/ is key. Treat your feelings as a priority, they are steering you to the world you have been envisioning for your future.

Curbing stress is very important, sound baths are extremely beneficial for the Leo in October, sound frequency healing is amazing. A lot of growth comes from listening and the healing of sound. I see a lot of Leo's getting a lot of beneficial qualities from music, the power of dance, the power of sound is relevant to you in October.

Homework: 20 MINUTES of gratitude dancing every morning. Start your day with music and dance. It might feel weird and inorganic and first, but will shift you into a sheer gratitude of opening your eyes and celebrating your own rhythm.


A lot of Geminis may find themselves with an increased passion for every aspect of their life in the month of October, September most likely felt like a strengthening internally for so many Geminis that in October you simply cannot ignore the growth that occurred for you.

There is an emotional release happening through October, it feels cathartic and strengthening. A lot of Geminis are being encouraged to go deep within.

A message of the importance in October is paying attention to details. Make sure you take a pause to listen to what someone is telling you or explaining. There's an expansion of knowledge going on in relation to something that is related to your dreams, your spiritual dreams. Messages are coming forth to you through your dream life so frequently at this time, dream journaling a good idea. Also: I highly recommend this dream kit, Anima Mundi Apothecary "Lucid dreaming kit" I've tried it many times and LOVED the effects.

You have so much magic at your fingertips in October, it will feel like a new start of sorts from the deep swamp feeling of September.

For attached Geminis get ready for passion waves to come in, fertility is booming on more ways than one in your life right now, you are blossoming into more authentic self. For single Geminis there seems to be a connection between Pisces and Gemini energetically as to how they are both knowers of their worth, September was a rocky month with a deep exploration of truth that got you centered into the magical October.

Enjoy the Harvest Gemini.


Dear Pisces, PLEASE, stop worrying. This is your time to shine believe it or not. It probably feels bittersweet because of all of the lessons you've had in the last few weeks but regardless the universe and surrounding people do not see the harsh lessons you've been through, they see you, as a rock of force and strength with a star like disposition.

Worrying is causing nothing but concern and an abundance block for you. It is key at this time to surrender, I will include a daily exercise below to help with that.

October sees really big changes for you all. This isn't the kind of change that's subtle, its tower card energy change, the kind where your entire life changes, a professional opportunity coming forth is once in a lifetime and it is gloriously positive attached to your professional life. You see yourself more as you are than ever before, it's almost like an entire refreshment of soul and awakening has come through you in September through the trials and bumps in the road. Unexpectedly, but the silver lining to the trials at least, spirit wanted you to know yourself better and grow so that when the change comes you are prepared.

September found you, by the end of the month, KNOWING you had to take a stand for yourself.

A full surrender is necessary, letting loose of your grip on control, you have to let the new in, in letting the new in it is causing you some fear and in turn, some resistance is building in the form of stress and worry. It's time to surrender that. Admit you aren't in control (none of us are) and embrace that.

There's something gloriously positive happening in October on a lot of levels for Pisces. Finances have been tough in September, October looks like a much sunnier disposition, believe it or not, female energy has grown for you through the trials so your receiving capabilities will soar this coming month.

For romantically attached Pisces or single Pisces, the message unusually is the same. You have never in your life been so aware of what you need from a partnership and how you feel about love. September was a reflection, a deep time of going within of sorts and it has been stressful but in a different way to August. I see the Pisces huffing and puffing and in October you blow the house down . Everything changes.

Welcome to October, you are a more authentic self now than ever before. You have something to fight for and that is you and in October the universe sees you making powerful, brave decisions.

Homework: Bend your arms back, breathe in, you can say out loud or consciously think "I surrender my control and let spirit decide" alternatively or in combination when you rise open your arms and welcome the day of change.

Enjoy the shedding of your comfort zone and perceived limits, they were never there in the first place. Open your arms to change.


September has been intense and busy for all Aquarians!

No negotiation is a theme for Aquarians, the usual lofty and open-eyed, flexible disposition can sometimes liken the Aquarian as a drifter, a dreamer. In October, we see Aquarians taking a stand for something/ someone they love and with sheer guts, this might even be taking a stand for themselves.

Once Aquarius is intact energetically, there is no limit to their capabilities. BUT in September, it seemed so many Aquarians got burnt out, October is a rejuvenation of self whilst deeply understanding that these karmic deja-vu moments you've been having are no mistakes, everything is coming complete circle for a reason. October shows you why and how.

Chilling in an earthy disposition is the sweet spot for October for dear Aquas. Remaining grounded through the transits.

Aquarians will be using the no negotiation methodology when it comes to their needs in the month of October, for so many Aqua's being conscious of what their potential is more and more in an awakened state. This will bleed into more clarity in romantic relationships, professional relationships, and friendships. Your communication skills are with immense clarity in October.

The trials of September TOUGHENED you and awakened to your inner warrior spirit.

A congratulations is in order, to yourself.

Self-care time plenty in October, your creative energy will be on point also, money has been the main source of focus in September, where have you been slighting yourself in order to gain? Where can you choose to take better care of yourself, in better duality with receiving? In the month of October, you'll be doing just that.

Aquarians are determined for a higher path this month, take a stand for what you want and embody a Taurus disposition when asking for what you need. No negotiations. You deserve, all that is good.

Homework: In October, take yourself out on a date, somewhere really nice. Enjoy the process of taking you out, make some notes during the date. Flow with the writing, about anything you like. Keep the notes, read them on New Year's Eve.


September has probably felt like there has been way too much going on for you Capricorn, there's been some emotional triggers since late August that have felt exhausting at times.

Simplifying and streamlining is key for you in October. It's almost as if a problem that's been on your mind for quite some time gets simplified. I feel that a lot of Capricorns are feeling lonely for some reason at the moment, the hermit card comes up in my mind's eye, why is this? Have you isolated? October provides some relief from the Hermit feeling and gets you feeling more engaged with others.

Spirit encourages you to look into where you are feeling isolated and why what do you feel is the missing link?

Asking for help/guidance doesn't come naturally to any Earth sign, especially do-it-yourself Capricorn, the month of October encourages all Capricorns to troubleshoot through some tests through the power of teamwork and communication, especially, this runs in the areas of home life and professional life.

There seems to be a great opportunity in October to see yourself in a revitalized light, much like Libra energy, a wave of fresh air. There are some "home truths" that need to be confronted.

There will more than likely be a wave of air energy in the month of October, which will help with communications, but also I feel that a lot of Capricorns will be looking at increased health benefits due to implementing a new diet and exercise regime.

I see a lot of Capricorns breathing easier toward the late portion of the month from receiving some good news surrounding a professional project. Your hard work will pay off, and you will start to see the rewards of that in October. 2017 has been a lot of tests for Capricorn's and I see that energy starting to soften toward the end of the year.

Romantically, things improve as you grow to love yourself deeper.

A good Affirmation for all Capricorns:

"I trust myself and others deeply."

Don't let the past affect your ability to open up in October. Get talking and get asking for help, support, speaking your needs, the throat chakra is being activated in October, get speaking your truth and watch the miracles unfold. 


Happy birthday to all beautiful and beautified Libras, the wave of refreshment and new energy coming in for you over the course of October is exciting, to say the least.

Courage is needed to create the movement necessary to let the new in, the message is clear that clarity has come through in October and a new path awaits. I wouldn't be surprised if Libras have been revisiting old ways, old paths, in the month of September in order to clear the way in October to the new chapter ahead.

I see a lot of Libra's recharging in expansive (and potentially expensive, keep an eye on your finances) locations in the month of October, a fresh breeze of inspiration surrounding an artistic project or insight coming in around the 23rd of the month.

Keep your eyes focused on anything that provides you joy and light, try not to get distracted with the fast pace of the month ahead. October isn't a go-within time for Libra's, I keep seeing Libra energy as an expansive fresh breath of air coming in, there's a wave of change coming through and remaining open to the change is key.

Fertility is here: something fun and new is birthing.

A fun exercise for all Libra's for October: Start floating! Flotation tanks are wonderful medicine for Libra, enjoy relaxing in the changes coming up and letting abundance come through.

Negotiations are likely to run smoother this month, I see some Libra's getting a different look happening in October also, an ideal time to get a new haircut or a new wave of inspiration for fashion.

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