New Moon: Making It's Energy Work For You

New Moon. It's not just a shitty book. It's a time of beginnings, initiation, and growth. This is the prime time for manifestations and visualization! What do you want to see happen in your life? What do you want to create, begin, do, see? This is the time to start new projects, make new goals, and get rid of negative habits in our lives. Think about the things you wanted to leave behind during the Full Moon. Quitting smoking, drinking, dairy, or processed foods is best done during the new moon - as the energy will try to help you carry out your intentions!

Here are some ways to make the New Moon work for you: 

1. Prepare in Advance

As in, keep a moon calendar, download a moon phase app, or just ask Siri. Setting aside 20 minutes (or as much as you want!) during a Full Moon or a New Moon will help you actually follow through with the work you'll be doing! Also, find a good place to do this - where you will not be distracted and where you feel comfortable. Gather supplies like crystals, candles, essential oils, 

2. Write Down Everything You're Grateful For

Just like you did during the Full Moon, writing down everything you're grateful for will help with getting your energy in alignment with the Source! 

3. Sage the Space

Light your sage and use the smoke to clear your body and mind for your meditation. Put Xs with the smoke in any corners and dark spaces of your home to clear stale energy. 

4. Meditate

We recommend Headspace for beginners because a lot of time people say "I meditated today!" and when asked what method they use, they basically describe a nap. That's cool, but not...really meditating. 10 minutes is plenty! 

5. Write Down Everything Your Heart Desires

Make a list of what you'd want to accomplish in this moon cycle. Being healthier? Write that down. Loving yourself more? Write it! Gucci Dionysus bag? Yas, queen, write that down! Don't judge yourself on what you want. Don't put yourself down. This is the time to honor YOU. Fuck what that bitchy voice in your head says. Shut that sucker up. 

6. Promise Yourself To Believe In Yourself

Manifestation doesn't work if you don't believe that you can attract it into your life. And as the month continues, keep track of your progress. Check in with what you wanted to bring about and consider whether it's on its way, if it's here, what you can do to bring it closer, or why it's not coming to you. And remember, if it doesn't come in this moon cycle, keep adding it to your list of desires. Sometimes the universe waits until the exact perfect time to give it to you. 

7. Finish Up

Say, "And so it is". Cleanse yourself and your space again. Feel the positive energy inside. Go. Create. Make. Do.