The Spiritual Beauty Line with Perfect For Your Witchy Ways


     Maybe you've been tapping into the Pagan, witchy path, and we're so there for that. There's nothing more magical than getting back to the basics of what the elements have to offer. And perhaps you've wanted to find products that would not only help your body but your spirit too. And perhaps you've found yourself in a spiritual beauty products Google search whirlpool that ended with you staring at $60 "Spiritual Body Stickers" stickers on Goop? 

     Well, we have an alternative for aligning your energy, and these potent products are small batch made with beautiful, pure intention by Anousha Hutton, an LA psychic.  

     Anousha Hutton has been connected to magic since childhood. She learned to read Tarot from her mother at the age of 7, and from then on, reading Tarot and developing psychic gifts in early childhood was something that came very naturally. 

    The Anousha line was created out of Anousha's spiritual motivation to further aid her clients in shifting any energy themselves after their sessions with her. 

     "I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of spirits. I was blessed with the gift of being able to connect others with loved ones from the other side and also with their own past life guides. I love having the opportunity to connect my clients with their own universal current. My focus is to bring truth and encouragement for all of my clients' growth, and to teach others how to open up their own spiritual potential," Anousha says. 


The Intents

     Each product has specifically been designed to help you manifest a particular intent using ingredients that have proven to have magical enhancements whilst enabling energy to shift into the desired intent. You can choose one that feels right to you, or we suggest switching them up...or just getting them all and testing them out while putting on that good, universal alignment energy! 


Dreaming is a potent blend of ingredients that help soothe the central nervous system whilst encouraging a deep sleep and an ability to lucid dream more easily. Connect with your intuition, your guides through your dreams. Each Dreaming line is charged with howlite reiki charged crystals. 

Fragrance: Prominent in Lavender and Chamomile. 


This intent is for removing any stubborn and unwanted energy. It is a deeper form of cleansing. Using the highest grade black Hawaiian sea salt blended with essences of rosemary and Eucalyptus this is a source of potent cleansing. Each Banishing line is charged with black obsidian reiki charged crystals. 

Fragrance: Prominent in Rosemary and Eucalyptus. 


Grounding is an excellent tool for all Empaths, Psychics, and Readers. Anousha's signature grounding line is one of her essentials when going through periods of heightened psychic sensitivity. This product immediately roots and closes the third eye and crown chakra, with a beautiful Palo Santo, sage scent including tiger eye reiki charged crystals and tree bark from Anousha's grounding tree. This product aids to help one to feel more rooted and centered with Earth.

Fragrance: Prominent in Palo Santo & Cedarwood


Prosperity is a fire blend, it's major note is cinnamon & orange with some earthy bark and clove. This blend is warm, inviting and inspiring. The best way to use it when listening to music that inspires you, get dancing, in movement, call in money, spread your arms wide and take in the energy of receiving. Prosperity is an energy and this line is geared toward removing any blockages surrounding money and letting the good stuff come in. The Prosperity line features green aventurine reiki charged crystals.

Fragrance: Cinnamon, Clove, and Orange


Anousha's Venus line is a sensual fragrance of fresh jasmine, ylang ylang with a subtle sweetness of Vanilla. Venus encourages heightened attraction, sensuality and romance. Venus aids in connecting with your inner feminine, turning heads and engulfing you in your inner goddess beauty and radiance. The Venus Roller Oil and Anointing Oil is charged with the energy of rose quartz crystals.

Fragrance: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang & Vanilla

Self Love

The Self-love line carries a beautiful romantic scent with a floral base. Rose and lavender are the dominant fragrance tones. This product line carries an electrical charge of radiance and love, it encourages relaxation when using, and allows Self-love to envelop your heart and surround your energy field. The Self Love line is charged with the energy of amethyst crystals.

Fragrance: Rose & Lavender 


Anointing Oil

Anousha's Anointing oil helps set your intention, clarify your manifesting, and begin to make positive changes in your energy to seal your intent. Anousha's unique formula blends heavenly aromas made from 100% essential oil combining this with the power of your intent there is no limit to the realm of magic this oil can inspire. You can use this oil as a hair serum or body, massage oil as well as a daily magical anointing tool. The texture of this oil is velvety smooth and it soaks into your skin really quickly. Great for dry hands in the winter, as a pat under the eyes for extra moisture, or a little extra love for dry strands. 

How to use: Release product onto pressure points and inhale deeply whilst visualizing your intent. Bonus points if you light some candles or an insense and listen to Stevie Nicks. 


Salt Soak

Anousha's salt soak contains a combination of the highest grade essential oils, a blend of salts and unique herbs. A salt soak is a potent energy cleanse and also a deeply meditative and refreshing experience.  

How to use: Pour the desired amount in the tub and relax, let your guides take you to a deeper state of relaxation alongside boosting the potent charging effects of Anousha's unique salt blend. Slip into a meditative state and conjure the insights. Put on a witchy playlist like this one or watch Practical Magic as you let your skin, muscles, and soul relax as you attract the intention most necessary. It is recommended to shower after a salt soak, this product works best when followed with Anousha's Anointing oil. Trust me, your heart and your skin will thank you. It's a spa for the soul and body, and what's better than that? 


Aura Mist

Annoying coworker got you down? Rude old ady at the store cut in front of you and called you a stupid, entitled millennial? Student loans pestering you? Here's your spiritual cleanser. The aura mist is a lightweight spray that can be sprayed solely to unblock or awaken certain energies or chakra points. To intensify results, it is best used in combination with a Roller Oil or Anointing Oil.

How to use: Spray liberally all over your body, altar, space, any chakra point you would like cleared, Breathe deep. 


Roller Oil

Keep this gorgeous roller oil by your bed or in your purse and you will have a moment of true peace whenever you use it. We love the Dreaming Oil in particular - the scent is chamomile and lavender and it is so beautifully potent, that when you roll in on your pulse points, you can feel that relaxation. You know the lavender spray all the *lifestyle bloggers* promote? This is a step up from that, and your pillow doesn't have to reek of lavender like a sachet for your dresser. Anousha's Roller oil is a convenient magical oil to use on the go. It carries all the potency of an Anointing oil but in a smaller casing, each roller oil includes a unique blend of Reiki charged crystals, 100% Essential oils and Organic Almond oil. It's a must for any witch's handbag.

How to use: Apply to pressure points, inhaling deeply, visualizing your intent. Enjoy the moment of caaaaalm. 


Brew Box

If you are feeling the need for an energetically charged product for a very specific current situation, send Anousha an email directly outlining your desired energy shift and you will receive a custom charged gift set and spiritual tools for a ceremony specifically for your intention. Comes with several products, like this amazing incense. Come on, get your witchiness on! It doesn't have to be All Hallow's Eve for you to create some magic. 

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