Your Energyscope for October

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Key themes: Moving into destiny, fate aligning, facing fears, new love, heightened clarity.

October has a lot in store for us all. 

The ability to see past gripping fear and into the unknown takes courage and most importantly tenacity. This month urges us to make different decisions and one that comes from pure necessity to restabilize the foundations of the inner working of life. What new structures are you putting into place? Whilst this chapter feels new, there is a redefining of self happening that at times does require some much needed alone time to process it all. 

The key this month is to not get in your head, as you could potentially swim in the confusion (unless there's a Pluto aspect to the month which represents to me always diving deep into our inner subconscious). Any areas that have required healing will likely be presenting themselves this month.

The shadow self, fears, the hidden things you needed to know, if people have been hiding things from you, or even living in their own lies can be bought up during these sorts of energy shifts and will dismantle any of the BS and put everyone back on track. 

Romance is messy and passionate (maybe a little bit too much passion?) could almost be an ample time for people to be having affairs or capturing secrets and lies. There is also a larger spectrum of understanding about what you want and need from connections in the general sense. Friendships, romance, and unions, in general, are looking vastly different. It’s almost as if October has a fated sense to it where people are doing the work behind the scenes to greet what's coming next. Scorpio season is highly romantic this year so I would focus most on self care and taking the steps you need to put into action to dissolve stress during the month of October. 

One concurrent theme is the need to put yourself first this month. This month is like staring at what isn’t working or creating fear within you in the face and actively fighting. Putting anything into self-starter mode right now is your medicine. Anytime you feel yourself getting too “in your head”, put an action in place that takes you away from that space and into movement on a project/new adventure/self-care.

Whatever it is, getting inside your head is not the right thing at the moment and I would advise you to focus less on meditation and more on activities that ground. Walks, Hikes, Boxing, anything that activates the sacral and root chakra. 

There is a feeling of “this can’t go on anymore” with certain ruts and cycles that may have been ailing your aura for years. Think of October as a catalyst to cut the cord with those cycles. The transition can be intense as we remove ourselves from these cycles, but it’s preparing everyone collectively to receive in new ways. The key to receiving is the ability to be truthful with yourself and with others. 


Homework: Circulate your candles with salt protection all month, especially within the first two weeks of October. Simply place a ring of salt around each candle. Salt is a great way to create energy barriers and can help protect any candle magick or spell work you are doing at this time. 

Much light to all the magicians,