Call for submissions! 

All submissions must be sent to

Include your full name, age, and social media in your email. 

1. Theme of the month essay. There is no word limit. A comfortable word count is 700-1200+ words. Send in a .doc or .docx format. No jpeg screenshots or PDFs will be considered as we cannot edit those. 

February Theme:


2. Free-write essay. 700-1200+ words. If you're not sure about what you're writing, contact us first to pitch.Send in a .doc or .docx format. No jpeg screenshots or PDFs will be considered as we cannot edit those. 

3. Creative writing + Poetry. You can use the Theme of the Month! Or not. Whatever floats your boat.Send in a .doc or .docx format. No jpeg screenshots or PDFs will be considered as we cannot edit those. 

4. Gallery photography/artwork. Include your name, at least 8 pieces, artist’s statement, artist’s bio, and all your website and social media information. 

5. Instagram or Website Content Contributor. Email us high-res work or hashtag #theopalclub .

6. Video content. Original films, music videos, shorts, etc.  

What do I include in my submission email? 

In the subject of your email please include what section you're submitting to. For example, if you're submitting Poetry, please write "Poetry Submission. For Gallery - "Gallery Submission". Personal - "Personal Submission". You get it! In the body of the email please include your name, age, social media, a brief description of your piece and why you’re submitting. 

What kind of submission is the least likely to be published? 


How soon will I hear back? 

We’re a really small editorial team, therefore it may take some time! But never fear, if we decide to proceed with your submission, we will get back to you. 

What happens when my piece is accepted? 

If it’s a written piece, we will probably ask you to edit it to really make it perfect! Or we might edit it ourselves, if the editing required is minimal. Then, we will let you know when it’s going up, and we will send you the link to save and share on your social media, tagging @theopalclub_ and using the hashtag #theopalclub . 

When is the deadline for the Theme of the Month submissions? 

Two days before the end of the month. 

What if my submission is rejected? 

If you submission is rejected, try again with another piece! Unfortunately, we only choose the best of the best of submissions, whether for content, writing style, aesthetics, etc. A rejection from our publication or any other doesn’t mean you suck and doesn’t determine your worth as a writer or artist. Just keep working and believing in yourself, superstar.  

What if I want to keep have my work published anonymously? 

Just let us know! It won't be a problem. But provide us with the information above nonetheless. It will be anonymous if it is chosen for publication.