How To Take Care of Your Skin The Right Way

What are the right steps in a good skincare routine?

Do you ever go to bed with perfect skin and wake up with a hormonal PMS hell-zone and you don't know what happened and why? (WHY?!) Maybe it was that pint of ice cream for dinner, or maybe the mysterious chemicals they use in boilers in your apartment building that travel way up into your radiators and then evaporate into your skin (yeah, that's a thing), or maybe you're pretty close to your period or you haven't changed your pillowcase in a long time or maybe you went to bed with makeup on...or maybe all together?

Anyway, I recently had one of the freakiest, out-of-nowhere breakouts I've ever had. Whatever the problem, everything I put on it seemed to irritate it even more. I kept waking up with flaky skin patches, weird white/red breakouts on the sides of my forehead. So, I went to a dermatologist to tell me exactly what I'm doing wrong. Turns out, I've been doing SO MUCH WRONG. 

I've switched my beauty routine, my skin has slowly but surely normalized into its usual baby-soft no-problem zone. After all, isn't it easier to invest in your skin so that you spend less time in the morning on makeup? And collect lots of compliments when you're 50? Yeah, thought so. 

1. Take It Off, Take It Off

Night: Your cleanser may not remove all your makeup and sunscreen, which would cause clogged pores and therefore, breakouts. So first, take it off with some makeup wipes. Swoosh, swoosh, done.

2. Cleanse That Face

Day: Use a nice, gentle cleanser to take off all that night-routine stuff. Start fresh and foxy. 

Night: Use that same super-nice cleanser. Gently cleanse your face and wash off with warm water. Don't super-scrub. Your skin is silk, even though it may look like chia pudding at times. (Don't use super cold water! That makes your pores close up and none of that sexy moisturizing will work). 

3. Exfoliate Shit Away

Night: Scrub, scrub, scrub. NICELY. Massage your face - and never use those horrid drug-store beads (they don't dissolve and then end up in fish). Even though they were banned by Obama (Miss you, babe), some brands still use them! Bullshit. 

4. Micellar Water

Optional. If you live in a place with bad water, swipe away all those bad chemicals with some micellar water on a cotton pad. 

5. Tone It Up

Day & Night: I never did this. Now I do. Huge difference! Helps your skin gets super clean and gets ready to absorb all the good things. 

6. Serum 

Day & Night: What a damn game-changer. Goes under the skin and polishes away weird redness or dark spots or irritation. This is pretty much the thing that makes it all magic. 

7. Moisturize Me

Day: Obviously the most important bit. Apply moisturizer way from the middle of your face and up with both hands. Channel Vivien Leigh. You're the Vivien Leigh of your bathroom. Nothing but elegance and dewiness. 

Night: Pamper your skin as if it's an exotic fancy cat. Nothing but pampering.

8. All Eyes On You

Day & Night: With your ring finger (it's the weakest) put some eye cream below your eye, on the outer edge, and right above the inside "highlight zone" and then make gentle circles around your eye, up to the eyebrow. 


Day: If you're going outside, no matter what season, you should be putting on at least SPF 30. If it's raining, give your skin a break and let it breathe. 

10. The Real Deal Pamper

Night: When you have time, spend an hour watching Netflix or reading a book while wearing a nice-as face mask in between your serum & moisturizer. It's amazing, your skin feels like a very fresh baby butt (...or something like it?) 

Follow our upcoming posts for our team-tested (really team-tested) clean beauty products for each step.