Wellness: An Odyssey Thanks Giving


Even though I am now a proud American citizen, I have very little to do with Americans and American history or American culture before 2004, which was when I came to NYC as naive 10-year-old from a small town in Russia to meet my parents (more on that later). 

And it's pretty great, not having to carry the burden that my ancestors came, killed, and enslaved millions of people around the world. My ancestors said, why go somewhere far away and travel to enslave people we don't know  - when we can just enslave our own people over a long period of time with sneaky land rules during war times? So much easier, and minimal international guilt. Score!

Even though I'm not actually Russian by blood (thanks, AncestryDNA!) but Czech/Polish and Japanese from my mom's side, I was raised in Russia. And upon coming here, I learned about what Thanksgiving was from school, the PG history of it, that is. Then, my dad told me the real deal. 


Nonetheless, my family celebrates Thanksgiving. It is one of our favorite holidays. Why?

Well, to begin with, Thanksgiving has absolutely nothing to do with with the Pilgrims - and they definitely were not the ones who started it. Just like Christmas and Easter, Thanksgiving is originally a Pagan celebration. It celebrates the harvest, which makes sense as to why we eat turkey in November (it is when turkeys get the meatiest as they "walk on" the muscle by this time of the year) and a bunch of fall veggies.


So instead of removing Thanksgiving from our holiday list like we should do with Columbus Day, why don't we just look at the real origins of Thanksgiving and take away those Pilgrim savages from a holiday that should celebrate giving thanks for the food on the table and the people around us? That is not to say forget the American history of killing the undisputably original American immigrants - Native Americans but look at the reality of the holiday. 


So, Thanksgiving is one of my family's top favorite holidays because: 

1. We get to eat a lot of amazing food that my mom and grandma make.

2. We get to be around each other and appreciate our amazing bond as a family.

3. We get to take time and think about what we're grateful for in our life. 

You're probably thinking - why am I reading this in Wellness? 

Well, Wellness isn't just about green juice, colon cleanses, and pilates. Wellness is also self-care and taking time to reset and be appreciative of everything around you. Gratitude is one of the strongest emotions which brings forth so much more in your life if you let it. We get so caught up in achieving and thinking about our next steps that we forget to look around us and appreciate everything we've already achieved.

Take a moment this Thanksgiving to sit down and write out everything you're grateful for in your life, even the little things. Give thanks to yourself and your body for propelling you through the day, every day. Give thanks to your family, for creating you. Give thanks to the internet for all the information you can access - especially puppy videos. 

Give thanks. Take a moment to heal, step back and appreciate.

And take an enzyme 20 minutes before you eat and drink some potent ginger tea after.

It will help. 

P.S. I am grateful for you. Yeah you, you reading this. Thanks for helping The Opal Club thrive and become so successful in such a short time. I'm so happy for our community. 

Happy Thanksgiving!